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Method 2.

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Include baked goods. Baking a treat for your new neighbors is a traditional gesture that many people may really appreciate.

Purchasing a baked good may not be as traditional, but is certainly still a nice gesture. Share contact information for local businesses. Moving to a new neighborhood often includes finding local businesses to use for things like utilities, trash pickup, and emergency repairs. You can help your new neighbors settle in by providing them with fliers or a simple list of services offered in the area and who to contact to take advantage of them.

Some services you may want to provide contact information for are: [5] Local plumbers or electricians that can respond to emergency calls.

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Local law enforcement and fire services. Cable and satellite television providers. Internet service providers. Trash pickup or removal services. Add a local specialty. Many places have locally known specialties and treats that you can include in your welcome basket. Providing some samples of local specialties can help new neighbors learn about their new home in a delicious way. Gift certificates are also a nice way to incorporate local specialties.

Provide local takeout and delivery menus. Help them out by providing delivery and takeout menus from restaurants you use. Bring a bottle of wine. A bottle of wine can be a nice gesture when welcoming new neighbors to the area. While not everyone enjoys wine, they may choose to simply set it aside to share with guests in the future.

Wine is considered to be a traditional housewarming gift and can serve as a great accent to some of the food you may include in your welcome basket. Choose a bottle of wine that you enjoy, as it can also serve as a way to get to know each other if they invite you to share it. You may want to find a wine that pairs well with foods or snacks you have included in your welcome basket. Method 3. Throw a block party. You may want to organize a block party and invite your new neighbors so they can meet one another in a comfortable environment.

By throwing the party yourself, you alleviate the stress new members of your neighborhood may have about having people over before they have their house completely unpacked. Make sure to invite the rest of your neighbors to the block party so they all have a chance to meet the new neighbors. Invite your new neighbor to join community groups. If you are a member of a community based group like a neighborhood watch, you may want to invite your new neighbors to attend a meeting with you to get to know other member of the community.

Other groups you may want to invite your new neighbors to join may include book clubs or school oriented groups like the PTA if they have children. Throw a cocktail party. Depending on the time of year and your neighborhood, you may want to throw a cocktail party instead of an outdoor block party. You may want to plan your cocktail party for the evening and offer enough advanced notice for your neighbors to find a babysitter if they need one. If your new neighbors have children, you can suggest a babysitter you trust to them for them to be able to attend.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Like a block party, throwing a cocktail party can alleviate the stress of having people over for your new neighbors while still allowing them to meet the neighborhood. New neighbors gave us some cookies. We thanked them, but did not invite them to have a cup of coffee. Was that rude? Super Italian Gamer. If you feel you were rude, you can always invite them back for coffee.

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Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Let them know which part of the street you live in and don't expect to hang around too long, as they may be having dinner or watching a favorite show. Not Helpful 5 Helpful How can you meet new neighbors when you are the one moving into a new neighborhood? Go to one of your neighbors' houses and introduce yourself. You may also want to join local organizations like the neighborhood watch. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. Maybe they're just shy. Even if that's not the case, you can set a positive example by being friendly even when others are rude.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. I would say that if you are comfortable doing so, you should feel free to invite your new neighbors into your home. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. How do I thank a new neighbor for plowing my driveway other than saying thank you? Answer this question Flag as Have you ever been the new person or family on your block, at church or at work? Did anyone welcome you?

When we moved into our current home several years ago, there were two pastors, one seminary dean, one Christian college professor and one Buddhist who all lived within half a block of us. Which one welcomed us?

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Of course it was the Buddhist! We eventually had to introduce ourselves to the others. That experience helped us decide that as followers of Jesus we should be the first ones to welcome new people, whether it be to our neighborhood, our church, our workplace or even social groups to which we belong. But how? How could we welcome people in a non-threatening way that almost everyone would accept?

One approach we discovered that has never been rejected the many hundreds of times we have used it is a freshly baked, slightly warm plate of cookies. I use this recipe try them today!

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Chop the nuts and Heath bars. Preheat the oven to Lightly spray two 12 x 17 heavy duty aluminum baking sheets with cooking spray. Melt butter. Empty box of cake mix into a large mixing bowl. Add vanilla to melted butter and stir. Add butter and eggs to cake mix and stir until completely mixed. Immediately add chocolate chips, nuts and Heath bars. Stir until completely mixed. Evenly divide to make twelve cookies per baking sheet.

Drop by spoonfulls onto the baking sheets and flatten slightly with your hand. Place cookies on two oven racks near middle of the oven.

Bake 8 minutes, then turn pans. Bake five to seven minutes more, until golden brown. Time varies according to your oven. After you remove the cookies from the oven, cool one to two minutes max on the baking sheet and then loosen with a spatula, or they will stick. Cool the pan a few minutes longer on a wire rack, then remove cookies and place on wax paper to cool. We buy heavy duty plastic dinner plates the type with no dividers , and place eight to twelve large, fresh cookies on the plate, and then cover it with clear plastic wrap.

We want to welcome you to the neighborhood, so we brought you a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. When we deliver cookies to a new neighbor we ask if they are new to San Diego.

Welcome To The Neighborhood Welcome To The Neighborhood
Welcome To The Neighborhood Welcome To The Neighborhood
Welcome To The Neighborhood Welcome To The Neighborhood
Welcome To The Neighborhood Welcome To The Neighborhood
Welcome To The Neighborhood Welcome To The Neighborhood

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