Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern

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Please consider supporting me in a small way with your purchases by using the following affiliate links for supplies. This gracefully shaped cowl is inspired by the micro-photography of the tiny organism called Licmophora flabellata. A rare symbiotic diatom a single-celled algae , the delicate fan-shaped structures show beautiful patterning when you look at them through a microscope. Combined with the buttons, the unique shape enables this cowl to be worn in a variety of ways-as a shawlette, as a tubular cowl, and styled like a handkerchief.

This cowl is knit flat in one piece, from the narrow end to the wider, fan-shaped edge. Periodic increases shape the piece. Yarnover buttonholes are worked along both edges during the final chart, and two-row buttonholes are worked near the final edge. The perfect use for a mini-skein set, these accent welts provide a canvas for playing with color and texture.

See schematic for more details. Techniques Used: knit and purl, sl1 k2tog psso, k2tog, m3 with instructions , slipping stitches with yarn in front and back, use of hanging markers. Markers should be hung from the stitch created by the double decrease sl1 k2tog psso , and moved up to the stitch created by the double decrease on the next RS row. Feel free to choose your own progression of the contrast colors. I suggest you tie or tape a snipped piece of each one to the edge of the pattern.

You could try going in rainbow order, or maybe a progression of monotone hues from dark to light. I went with a progression from cool to warm that ends with the color of sunshine. With strong lines from twisted stitches and textured columns, these beautiful socks feature a cabled clock at the ankle and an innovative short row heel that fits higher insteps easily. Use your preferred method for small circumference knitting: e. These socks are knit in the round from the cuff down to the heel.

A few stitches are increased at the base of the cuff, then the Shadow Wrap short row heel is worked with right- and wrong-side rows. Two stitches are picked up at the join between heel and instep to ensure a gap-free ankle, and then work is rejoined in the round and the gusset is decreased also decreasing out the extra stitches needed for the cabled cuff.

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The foot is worked even until it measures approximately 1. Live stitches are then grafted together to close the toe using kitchener stitch.

How to Knit in the Round on Double-Pointed Needles

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How to Knit: Basic Mittens

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. This item has been added to your wish list. View wishlist Set Sale Alert Continue shopping. This item has been added to your sale alerts. Also, if instep does not have an odd number of sts, add 1 before set-up rnd.

Page After repeating companion rounds required number of times, on final rnd 6 instead of rnd 4 , stop at end of instep. Pages For a sock with denser fabric, you may change the needle to size 1 2. This will change the sizes to a midfoot of 6 6.

On page 97, work heel in Chocolate, not Rose, if you want your sock to be identical to the one shown. Page Towards end of step 3: You now have 2 fewer sts on the sole than you had after completing row 1. It tells the tale of the Tildes and how they became Versatildes. If you buy the book and end up not wanting it, just email me and I shall be glad to refund your money. But I think you will love it.

My mother began my knitting lessons when I was a curious eight-year-old, and persisted in teaching me through my surly teens. Thank you for being a miracle of loving devotion. What a gift it has been for me.

Knitting in the Round with Circular Needles for Beginners

Note: the next photo is Arya and her little Theia, not my mother and I! The blue Tilde on the left was my initial foray into knitting this shape. I did not expect it would amount to much. But it came to life the moment I put it on and captured my imagination. Things evolved, and Tildes earned the name of Versatildes. That evolution has been sustained by two groups in particular. The second group is a dozen groups actually, for I hold Island Knitting Retreats six times a year and this book has been two years in the making. My loyal student-friends have been sworn to Tilde secrecy all this time—a miracle as well as proof of the kind and honorable nature of knitters.

In April of , they demanded I finish the book, and soon! In their fierce and loving circle, I agreed to complete it by the end of August , or else! Each of you has my deepest gratitude. Ellen Silva was a lighthouse warning me away from the rocky shores of complexity. Your clarity about this became my compass. My friend and graphic design inspiration, Alysha Naples, shared her belly dancing friends and mad scientist partner Yonatan Munk with me for the first photo shoot.

Thanks to models, Arya Pretlow, baby Theia she qualifies for having danced in a belly , and Caryn Vainio. Time was running short when my friends and fellow Visionaries Jennifer Leigh and David Roth offered to vacation at my house and devote themselves to feeding me home-cooked ethnic cuisines, photographing, modeling, helping with layout, and playing board games amidst endless laughter.

v e r y p i n k . c o m - knitting patterns and video tutorials - Bind-Offs

David sharpened all my knives. Jennifer gave me stern looks that made me stop fiddling around. They made me so happy I could barely stand it and my gratitude to them is unspeakable. During our first island beach shoot, Elizabeth Ayers, who you see holding the full moon in her hands, a knitter from Houston vacationing with her husband and three exuberant girls, came over to ask if I was Cat Bordhi. This happy, playful family became the best models we ever could have hoped for, and if you see tousled hair and interesting T-shirts and some muddy legs, that is because there is nothing more beautiful in the world than real life.

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  3. How to Knit in the Round on Double-Pointed Needles - dummies;
  4. Centaurea Socks Knitting Pattern Download.
  5. Their photos made the book sing and my heart leaps up every time I look at their images. When we later discovered their camera in a box of my Tildes, we took a photo of ourselves with it and mailed it back with a box of gifts. I wonder if you have found that picture yet? Thank you, thank you for joining us and filling this book with your beauty. Jim helped me realize that I could devote time to working on the book during the intimate Peruvian sojourns we lead for small groups of knitters.

    At this very moment, I am writing beneath the shade of a palapa , watching hummingbirds sip nectar from red trumpet-shaped flowers and listening to water burbling through an Incan channel. Mil gracias, hermanito. Many times a day as we walked the streets or sat on a plaza bench in Arequipa, Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes, or Chinchero, a Peruvian knitter would thrill me by lifting my Tilde from my hands to knit for a while, usually without asking, because this is what knitters do—share their knitting.

    If we were a small crowd, it would pass from hand to hand. As my new friends took this in, they would begin to look upon us with the tenderness we usually reserve for family. I pass the joy and innocence of this intrinsically human tenderness on to you. The Tilde seizes the part of me that is obsessed with things beautiful, graceful, and mysterious.

    I invite you to plant your own handful of Tilde seeds to see what comes forth—I have only prepared the soil. May you grow and share a beautiful garden. September 26, —I just added three additional Tilde River cables so now there is a grand total of 23 original reversible cables for you to play with. The ability to add more material as it develops is one of the great joys of digital publishing. The more the merrier! Posted February 28, Before our week together, I would have called this a map. But the illustration has become animated and breathes the daily communion of life in Mexico that I have fallen in love with.

    If you could zoom in on almost any inhabited spot on the map, here is what you would see: A woman is standing beside a table, tending a wood-burning brazier, patiently waiting for a hungry passerby. She presses freshly made masa into a tortilla to cook on the comal , then adds beans, cheese, meat, salsa, avocado, or vegetables to order.

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    All the while she and her customer are chatting, their smiles lit from within. Every meal is a sacrament. This intimate, soft exchange happens all day long and into the night all over Mexico. It is a slow dance that lodges in the heart. Papayas wrapped in newspaper to keep them from bruising, avocado leaves for flavoring beans, passion fruits, small sweet bananas, peanuts roasted with garlic cloves and chiles, string cheese rolled up like a ball of yarn…. The sound of mass flows out of open church doors, and men with bundles of thin branches meticulously sweep the sidewalks.

    Young lovers, oblivious to everything, kiss and embrace in slow motion beneath shady trees, leaning against walls, and sitting on park benches. Jacaranda flowers flutter to the ground to form a purple carpet. We stayed in a small garden hotel in the Jalatlaco neighborhood. Each morning there were still more pink flowers than before on the trees in the neighboring churchyard, and we all forgot winter existed in the north. One by one, the hotel staff crept upstairs to see our knitting and to ask if they could join us.

    Alejandro, a young boy whose sister had abandoned him there a year and a half earlier, turned out to be the fastest learner I have ever encountered. When one minute into his knitting career, his needle fell out, he simply reloaded the fallen stitches and continued onward.

    It is stirred over a fire for 3 days and nights in a cauldron large enough to swim in, with an abuelita at the helm, and then shared with hundreds of people. The number of ingredients is staggering: chiles, chicken, nuts, seeds, chocolate, fresh tomatoes and onions, garlic, herbs, cloves, cinnamon, tortillas, and much more. Here are some of the ingredients.

    Mole is the work of fire, of intense heat that explodes flavors open…and then the the metate , which grinds open anything that remains closed and marries it to its neighbors…and then more fire, as everything is combined in a large clay pot set right on the flames, and stirred and strained and simmered and thinned with broth until it reaches perfection. At every stage, we each breathed deeply of the flavor combinations and each of those inhalations was a profound journey of sensual ecstasy. Here is the mole almost ready to pour over chicken and rice. Just looking at it makes me catch my breath.

    There is no photo of us at the table sharing our feast because apparently we were so joyful that we forgot. Perhaps it is better to carry the memory without a photo. Another day we traveled to Santa Ana del Valle to visit master weaver Ernesto Martinez and his extended family who together manage all the endless and complex tasks involved in being self-sufficient farmers and textile artists. Ernesto had saved several triplet ears of corn to show us. His sense of awe at this gift was very beautiful, and he made sure we understood that it came from the divine nature of the sky. We could have spent days taking in the vast spaces, carvings, ruins, and vegetation from a kapok tree to wild arnica growing in cracks in the ancient stonework.

    The pre-Columbian architects of Monte Alban engineered an acoustic miracle: in a space larger than a modern sports stadium, a voice can be heard clearly at the other end. Partway down the hill from Monte Alban is the small village where Pecos, his wife Mags, and their two young children lived for nearly 8 years.

    On our final evening we sat knitting with our companions, young Alejandro, the hotel owner, and her friend. The warm amber light itself seemed to express the communion all knitters know so well, and I struggled to articulate this in Spanish to our friends. The two women leaned towards me, listening intently, and then they offered me a beautiful Spanish word that matched my feeling: convivir …to share a life… convivencia …a shared life…. Pecos, Arturo, and I will continue to lead groups of knitters into intimate convivencia in Latin America.

    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern
    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern
    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern
    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern
    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern
    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern
    Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern Slippery Slope: Slipped Stich Mitten Knitting Pattern

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