Sins of South Beach

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It shows that even in a seemingly clean democracy like we have in America, those with enough money to influence poorly paid public officials can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. Those of us who live in South Florida need only look at the constant movement of the Urban Development Boundary to remind ourselves of that.

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The thing about any tale of corruption is that is gets incredibly complicated. If you like mob stories, which are similarly vague and complicated, you may find this book easier to follow than I did. Others were never charged. And it is unlikely that this book will launch any sort of federal investigation into corruption charges from 18 years ago.

This location is just 2 blocks from the Federal Courthouse where he pled guilty to a felony involving lying to a grad jury. His disdain for Castro seems to run much deeper than the typical South Florida political pandering, as he cites the duping of Jimmy Carter and the unleashing of thousands of violent criminals onto the streets of greater Miami as what made the Beach unlivable. And of course, what tale of South Beach would be complete without sex?

Much like his political career, Alex Daoud begins this book with good intentions. He has a wife he met in law school who comes to Miami Beach with him, and their marriage seems strong. Until he sleeps with a tennis pro. And as the book says, even a city commissioner in a relatively small city finds plenty of women willing to jump into bed with him.

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She had spiraled into that underworld once before -- and vowed never to fall again. Until she met him. Powerful, dangerous and the key to catching We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. Frank and Byron return from their late hiatus and kick off season 3 of Politically Entertaining with a bang. Lastly, the two hosts have a surprising take on mogul Oprah Winfrey's rumored Whitehouse run. We're back! Politically Entertaining return in its full glory and catches on the latest concerning NFL Protests, Hollywood sexual assault allegations, and the fracturing of the GOP.

Byron wonders why Cook County is hiring plus police officers and Frank makes sure that Byron understands the University of Miami means business this season! Politically Entertaining - Dr. Politically Entertaining returns with one of its most exciting episodes of the season with special guest Dr. Jenny Morber. Morber joins the show to discuss the controversial marriage between science and religion, rubber hands and racial divides, and why your sex life is like a thermostat.

Lastly, Frank and Byron weigh in on the upcoming NFL season and why the league may lose a lot of viewers in the very near future. Frank and Byron head back to their hometown roots of Mobile, AL to cover the upcoming mayoral election on August 22nd. Sam Jones supporter, Tim Hale, Jr. In the second interview Diversity Outreach Director for Mayor Stimpson's reelection campaign, Erica Cooley joins the show to discuss her role in the campaign and address some of the rhetoric used on social media as the campaign has gotten more intense. District 3's very own Leola Chaney dishes on family, unity, and politics, plus R.

Kelly's unholy harem and Michael Vick's comments on Colin Kaepernick. District 3's very own Leola Chaney joins the show to discuss her upcoming run for councilwoman and her vision for Mobile going forward. Byron questions the Republicans after another healthcare failure and has an interesting take on R. Kelly's recent antics. Frank talks about O. Amy McCoy, of My Home Town Realty Group, joins the show to discuss the ups and downs of the real estate market and how buyers and sellers can mitigate the damage that happens when the housing bubble bursts yet again. Byron and Frank weigh in on the testimony of James Comey and Frank talks about the the potential impact increased terrorism could have on flying in the future.

Byron also shares his thoughts on Bill Mahr's use of the N word and if he should be given a pass because of his political stance. For the second time in show history Senator Tim Scott joins the show to discuss health care, racial profiling, and why Betsy Devos shouldn't bear the brunt of the criticism when it comes to education reform. Tiffany Pierce, of Oh So You Life Coaching, joins the show to discuss being a life coach and what it looks like when you're living out God's purpose in your life.

Entertaining Money founder, Sam Boggan, joins the show to discuss the value of precious metals, bitcoins, and why most Americans are not prepared for an economic collapse.

Game On Features Alex Daoud, Former SOBE Mayor & Author of Sins of South Beach

Frank weighs in on the incredible story of Henrietta Lacks and both hosts discuss the new GOP health bill that is now in the Senate. Author, educator, and activist ZaZa Ali joins the show to talk about her new book, educating future generations, and why the message of Black Lives Matter is misguided. Frank discusses why abortions will never go away and Byron questions if Richard Spencer should be allowed to spew his mesaage of white supremacy on college campuses. Byron and Frank weigh in on the crisis in Syria and what the ramifications could be if the United States becomes involved in the conflict.

Pepsi releases a commercial that marginalizes political protests and Frank weighs in on the fall out for the company going forward. Byron ponders if Dave Chappelle went too far in his latest stand up and takes a surprising stance on Bill O'Reily's comments about congresswoman Maxine Waters. Frank talks about the missing girl situation in DC and how reports of missing children should be handled, regardless of race. Frank explores the age old question of what attracts black men to white women and Byron dissects the Presidents new budget with a fine tooth comb.

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Two epic rants. One great interview. Saleem Mohammed joins the show to talk about the president's new immigration order as well as his thoughts on how the prolifertation of fake news could have an adverse effect on the Muslim community in today's political climate.

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Frank delivers a powerful message on activism and Byron defends his black card while questioning Americans lack of empathy toward their fellow citizens. The new administration has wasted no time in getting started with its agenda. Byron breaks down the President's other executive orders and Frank in weighs on the New Editon biopic as well as a large tip from a Trump supporter. Season 2 of politically entertaining kicks off with a bang!

Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach
Sins of South Beach Sins of South Beach

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