Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart

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Just because you are familiar with how your heart breaks, do not take advantage of your knowledge and break it yourself. The heart does not want for its pieces to be scattered everywhere due to the person you loved and the heart certainly does not want for itself to break due to the person who owns it. Take care of yourself and take care of your heart. Be the one for your heart. I do not feel gentle butterflies in my stomach, I feel hurricanes erupting, and threatening to destroy the pillars holding up the empty home in my ribs at the bare sight of him.

At Am, when everyone is asleep, my fingers long for his, shivers rush down my spine like waterfalls, and my bones are about to recreate the Colosseum, and bring life back into the graveyard of souls I carry around in my chest. He made a slow disaster out of me. I miss you. I hate you for moving on. How is your mom? How is the garden? Remember when you pushed me in that little thing that looked like a sled? I wish things turned out differently. And I was tired. I was tired of hurting. I was tired of my heart always hurting so damn much. I was tired of waking up not knowing what to do.

I was tired of being lost and not knowing who I was without the sadness. I was tired of telling everyone I was fine when I in fact was not fine. I was tired of giving myself to guys who would later on just disappoint me even though they swear they were different. Most importantly, I was tired of being so unbelievably sad. I was so so so tired. She was a rainbow, but he was color blind. I wonder what words there would be about the new soul she allowed to hold her. I remember Once upon a time I knew that We were meant to be forever But not in this life. Or maybe it was a spiteful star Shooting across from an infinite ocean Our fall but a fatal consequence of wishing upon it Forgetting that Heaven scorned our devotion.

But surely, there is one hidden reality That they missed Where our story ended happily Because of all we risked. But you were still in my head every minute and my heart still ached to be closer to yours. Now you cross my mind but only to give me a reminiscent smile and my heart is beating at a normal rate.

I love you. That they will never be within reach. The voice of heartbreak can be loud, but listen carefully for the quiet steady voice of happiness. But if I had known it would be the last, surely I would remember. When you close your eyes and I see the protruding purple veins against your thin porcelain skin all I see are the capillaries of the plants you hold so dear because they are the source of creation and I wonder if that says anything about the love we once had. I wonder about how someone like you could be so close to nature but have such an unnatural effect on my poor human heart.

Log in Sign up. M By saniamushtaq We are all trying to forget someone whom our heart aches for. Even when we are right beside someone who aches for us. You look at me in French but I only speak English. Do not make homes out of people because when they leave, it will just leave you homeless. I really have to stop wishing for you to call back. How to know if someone in love with you? I did it to spite you. I even kept our colors. I hope it pierces you through the chest to read those words.

I hope you have to explain every single detail. I hope it breaks you down to the core. Deeply Feeling Series. I just want my thoughts to stop screaming your name. Maybe she was perfect for you. Maybe she was sugar for your coffee, but you decided you loved your coffee black. Bitter just like you. I still dream about your arms. By saniamushtaq I think at this point in life I have gotten too used to heart break. You create hurricanes with your words. You end up killing everyone instead. After all, I was good to you. But you treated me Like a dusty book upon your shelf.

And even if the moon never catches the glimpse of the sun But it radiates due to its light. Valerie I look down on me and see myself laying there helplessness and cold and I begin to realize how realize how real this You know what I want? The kind of love that keeps you up at night with its magic. The kind of love that allows your Sinking To The Bottom of Depression.

With every droplet of my tears, My heart sinks deeper. Nothing is going right, When nothing should have been wrong.

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My dream Inside My Mind. The pain which was gained from the emotions leaving a messy stain Thinking internally deep inside why must I go this route? I never wanna be a statistic. Lament of Today's Teens. Welcome to my world! Would you like to meet my friends? They're on my left wrist, and they're scabby and red. Do oyu know Elegy For Him: A Classmate. You left with spring never to experience the summer. In the fall you came again, you came as a shock to those you left and I tried.

The Struggles Of Recovery. A horizontal line, A bluish-purple vein, how much would it take to drive me insane? A few more hospital visits, A few more Let me help.

A reason to write. Funny how we forget where we come from Funny how we never really can't Funny how death brings sadness Funny how life brings On the Inside. It's Real. You'll Never Fade. But here I was at 6 am I was staring at my We are not Titans-- we are Humans. I am sorry. I am so sorry. The smiling child you once knew is no more.

Star light eyes eyes that light the future have been The Real Me.

One-Sided Love [Spoken Word Poetry]

I walk around thinking every night, Wondering why nothing seems right. We all have moments where we pretend, Even if it isn' Isn't that how it starts? I sit alone, waiting for a call A call that could possibly save my life. I am alone. A Poem for Landon.

Warmth in Hell. Nothing But A Feeling. The dampness on my shoulder Comes from the crying girl in my arms She holds desperately onto me Not wanting to let go Her Rainy Days. Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits. It seems like she will never escape this prison of "love" Life isn't just a game of tic-tac-toe, it is indeed much more complex. There's no such solution as yes or no, Or when to Behind These Blue Eyes.

I smile, I laugh, and live joyful days But underneath my smile, There's nothing but a haze. I smile, and laugh, living Creeping up day by day. Depression comes tapping on the glass of my bedroom window. Grab that knife Grab the pills Grab the razor Someone Wake Me Up. I try telling myself just a little while longer. Two years never felt so long. I have this pain in my chest. That won't go Wanting Something to End. I want something to take this pain away Ease my guilty conscience Erase the empty feeling inside I want it gone But it You are Somebody.

Wake up brush the teeth, wash the face. Avoiding the mirror, can't stand the feeling I get when I stare right at my face Suicide Prevention. As the weight of the world lays on your chest And leaves you out of breath Tossing and turning never at rest The pain of Judgement and Death. When she Lay me down. One day. One day you will realize how much you hurt us physically and mentally One day you will see the pain in our faces One day you Day dreamers. Staring at the clock waiting to be free. Pull down her sleeves to hide the battle scars. Zipping up her jacket as if it She puts it in a note Its all there.

Everything she wrote. She was angry,she was pissed No idea how much she would be missed You are the light in my darkness. The Flower. A flower begins Invited from a seed To bring beauty to its surroundings It grows, tentatively, slowly Into a beautiful plant You are in Control. Family is supposed to understand your pain Family is supposed to be there to keep you sane So what happens when a family End It All.

The Beginning. My eyelids get heavier as these seconds pass. Time loops itself and I'm left running in circles again. Why can't anyone I Dare You. I dare you to try. I dare you to fly. I dare you to be who you really are instead of the mask you pretend to be. I dare you Drowning At Her Side. Would I miss her advice when she shows me how, How to survive and stand up for myself?

Even in ways that are bad for my One bullet, one gun. One bullet one gun. One soul and a gun, lonely, in need of justice. This bullet will prove a point, everyone is equal. The Cutter's Friend. They looked, at his face in disgust and walked away. He died, inside with each icy remark they made. They stole, what little Unwanted Fear. Not My Time. I enter my home from a long day at school, never thought those kids would be so cruel.

Today I experienced more bullies and We contemplated suicide together Made new rules of lies together You lie in my head, you swim in my mind My every thought Fall or Fly. These thoughts spiral in my head, Feelings of anguish and fear, Like a whirlwind whipping the air. Falling seems to be the This is for those who can't stand up and speak. And if they ever did, they would come across as weak.

The ones who are Remember me. Kill Me, Save Me. With my scarred arms, And bruised legs. My cold fingers, My dying heart. Have you noticed? Do you care? Do I matter? Suicidal Clown. This fake smile is bone structure Painted on to mask my frown You don't see fear nor pain or sin, I'm a suicidal clown Those thoughts in your head, Came from people who dont understand They came at you with comments, That had you sad for a Falling into Darkness.

Falling slowly as time does pass All my problems seem to amass Into some great raging abomination Overtaking me with dark I was thirteen And the bullying finally became too much. So I put the scissors to my wrist, And tore at my skin. And when I Still I Try. Ready or not here I come.. I try to hide what's inside. I try First Date. A Heart Grown Cold. I laugh, I talk, There's a lightness when I walk.

I scowl and glare, Show my He could not say. The Killer. My friend is not dead, nor is he alive. He has friends, he has a family, he receives good grades what is it he wants to The Demons Inside. My demons creep up like shadows in the night, pulling me into the swirling black mist. I search frantically, but there's no She had a smile not quite there and what looked of miles was in her stare Her skin was cold though her heart not her All eyes on me! The speaker and the mic!

In A Nutshell

So listen to me tonight. Hundreds, if not at least one ear. I want out What is the point of this i'm only holding on for hope that the future will be brighter but i feel like it won't What Flashed Before My Eyes. Leave It Where It Lies. Don't pick it up. Don't look into it's eyes. It's a liar. It cannot help you. With it's shiny appearance, it lies, saying The Love of Someone Special.

Your tears are like knives at my heart They kill me everytime I see the sadness that empowers you dont cry See the world as Running through the wind As she fades away in a blim Gosh I loved hero But she faded like a blur in your eyes I loved her Story With No Ending. I am a story with no ending. I wonder why you did what you did. I hear to many lies. I want it all to stop. I am a story A Fallen Soul. That day was as dark and dreary as hell.

Death appeared and knocked me into a dismal despair. My friend, he fell, and I lay Stop the Pain with Love. There was constant sobbing That could not be held in any longer They sat on their bed looking at their body They knew that The Music Will Kill Me. My sister is a musicianWho plays only out of sight. While everyone else is sleeping,She makes melodies in the night.

How Can You Judge Me? How can you judge me? Do you know me or my story? How can you even judge me? Have you ever walked in my shoes? So, how can There is a difference. She says that she understands, that everyone has felt that way at some point Perhaps she is right, but I'm having trouble She washed her face then Self Love. You are not another case, Not something to be printed in the media, So please just listen to me, Brings that razor blade First Night of Happiness.

Let this be your first night of happiness. Let all your fear and troubles dissolve away into the darkness Let this night, be It's a Lie. The love that you get from your parents. That's all a lie. The dreams that you're fed from them. Feeling great I just got back from a date But have not always been this way Sure now I am ok But there was a lot to mend The world.

Poetry is how all of my anger comes out. Its why i'm still alive The only reason their arent cuts on my wrist or my thighs, Unknown Face. A room with the sun shining through the windows Chairs, magazines and pamphlets on tables And I had the chills Waiting… I'm sorry. I am sorry for never being there Red Scare. It's more than a shooting It's more than a few dead people Innocent bystanders Two people wanting to fit in Invisible to the What Life Should Be About. Have you ever watched a television show and wondered why can't I have their life? I mean all these movie stars and singers Depart From Thee.

Wounds, that illuminate That spirit, that planted the seed…unknown! Just a biological relationship…is not a home. Bridges are such high places, As high as the eye can see. Wondering if I should jump, Life will no longer be. There are many Smooth, Warm Orbs. My Dear Friends Spirit. I place the weight of my body onto a jagged rock on top of a mountain. With my head turned to the left, the breeze brushes Our Scars. I see through your covers of a wristband. I know how it feels firsthand.

Some people look at our scars and don't understand Killing Faith. Stop and think about what you are doing, This time you feel like it's the end of the line. Please don't do it please, You I see these patterns, Patterns of us all, in a fabric combined and woven together. Faint little stitches stick out, so small I am in the darkness Ther is no happiness In a world full of hate There is nothing deciding my fate My heart is filled with Help Me. I can't see the future but I can't dare look at the past.

I told myself I was done and this was the last. I can't handle the Suicide No More. When your body feels weak When your heart feels broken When you've given up all hope When you think of suicide. That Girl Was Me. Blood boiled in every vain,Like a flicker in every flame. Tears streaming from Her eyes,Cause Her life is built on lies. To live. All I need is to want, All I want is to live, I want to be happy insted of nonchalant, I want one thing and that is to Teacher, Teacher.

Sister, remember when we were little, And constantly together? We were always hand in hand, Looking out for one another. I am like a ceramic bowl, and this bowl has many assets. Beautiful from a far, but up close you see my cuts, scars and No one Knows. Everthing is dying Many think suicide is an easy way to get out situations. Actually, it starts a complication. Suicide thoughts starts off, My view: I will help you.

Relief of Pain. What is stress? Stress is pain, more like a bad condition that's created from hurt,torture, and the misunderstanding Another Lost Soul. The sun glistens on a warm summer day, yet her world seems filled with dismay. So many people are all around, yet she is She's my bestie. Knowledge of a few words Wisdom that's never found Friends that don't exist I was brought up a sexist Let's cut the crap I'm Only Emptiness is all I feel, without you here.

I walk past your room, searching for you. How can you be gone so soon? A life Closing In. I loved him then, and I love him now. We played games, we joked, and we were. He said no goodbye. I said that I would see My Untold Misery. Why do I even try sometimes? Cause giving up sounds just fine. Time to say goodbye to all the bad. Letting go of all the Broken Thoughts. Trapped In My Own As the Cold Wind Blows. Delinquents with damaged egosWhat lies behind a smile? A fragile soul cracked like shingle tileAs the cold wind blows Freaks Color Scheme.

What can a child really do When the life is unevenly screwed What can a person really say When all the light skies turn to The Mourning Dove. The call of the Mourning Dove, so pure, Heard by those Hey Dad.. It's fine if you miss me, But don't miss me much. For I was not as strong as you thought I was. Don't grieve When no Love's Loss Found. Pain is physical and emotional all at once.

You love someone so bad it hurts your chest. Your heart pounding beneath your Who's going to save me? The Silence. It's deafening. It's maddening. It leaves volumes in its presence and It's getting louder and louder and The Box. A black ribbon around the black box. A black shadow behind the black box with a black ribbon.

Essay about Imagery In John Donnes The Bro

Take A Step Back. I see the man sitting on the park bench, homeless with nothing left to claim. I see all the people on the side-walk bad You left when I was so young I didn't really understand it. My heart was left numb, my mind on another planet. She thought she was pretty until society told her she was worthless. Lies he hides behind his eyes, He lays alone when noones home, He cries out in screams and shouts, Begging his mind to leave Sad Little Reject. It felt like the Life force was rising out of me, but depression brought it gaspingly back. This was the sadness billowing Ballerinas and shoe ties.

The Power of Words. Her smile Was a blooming flower A shining star Evoking happiness, beauty, and love At age 13 She was told her teeth were too How do you stop a suicide? How do you heal a broken heart? How do you help someone who's already decided? How do you show them that there's more? Hand by hand, race by race. Beautiful the fictional story of a teenage girl. Boys when was the last time you called her beautiful? The last time she was "damn fine!

What gives birth to the bullet? The bullet that, when aimed at the head, stops all thoughts I Need You. My best friend's name is Dorothy, we are happy as can be Elementary school is fun, and pretty easy! We play games, like tag Dear Nathan. O Inspiration, My Inspiration. Rising from the bottom, Conquering all odds, Giving me inspiration. At one time, You tried to end your life. She jumped from the building in the sky to get away from the demons in her mind they whispered in her ear they would save She's 16 At War.

Looking in the mirror wondering what am I looking at What do I see? How do I feel? Will there be change in the way I look? Nothing to say when you're dead. What would happen would anyone know would anyone care would they even miss me would they wish that they had said what they Word of Advice. Are you hurting and feel like you're fading away? There is one I know who saves. My God is great.


Interview with poet Lee Martens, author of Secrets of a Broken Heart – For The Love of Books Blog

My God is strong. He will Like a Phoenix. The misery was bitter, My head and my mind, Frustrated from the voices, They were winning, Until I took a stand, And went Oh, Mommy,Why must youLook at me like that? Your tearful gazeForever lingersIn the recessesOf my subconscious. Oh, MommyWhy You will die by your by your own hands Alone on a campus surrounded by people Wondering how it came to this. You will die No one noticed when she started wearing long sleeves in the summer.

No one said a word when she sat quietly at her desk, A Love Story. Walking on an endless road. Her heart, her mind, her soul, drifting away from her body. They are young together, living You'd Never Guess. You'd never guess how far you'd go To gain a freedom you've never known. All it takes is that right preson, the right way To No matter how loud I scream, they won't hear. The devil for faces. My breath heavy, can't Within my heart lay a gap that I cannot fill A gash within my emotions that lay unhealed This wound inflicted bleeds deep Inspire me beloved poetry, surrounded in nothingness, alone and lonely, no place to call home but hell, but if hell is my Rain becomes tears All day it rains And if the day seems good The darken cloud still hangs around It hovers over your head She's Damaged Love.

She's damaged love Waiting for someone to understand Brokenhearted And broken minded She won't think of complexity Because I feel shameof this thing you call a game. Bright blue eyes with a smile so wide Amazingly, she doesn't breakdown although she's dying inside Quiet and shy, she's Funny how smoke twenty a day,fake a smile for the customersand drink heavily at Simply Not Simple.

Everyday it consumes me. It breaks me down, eating away at my soul. I remember everything. The good memories, the bad Being seventeen. She is at an awful age of youth and exhaustion of revelry and caution.

The Broken Heart

They say "Your whole life is ahead. Where Desire May Lead. Don't fear the blood fear the need And wherever else the desire may lead You see the scars hear the cries And all of it My life is like a game Noone else knows how to play. They think they know the trick but they won't know how to stick.

When You Bully Them. You push him down you call her names causing so many frowns and so much shame Why do you need to push and shove is it from The Senses. Listen, all I want is for you to listen. My Closet. My closet is a tree curling into a question mark around me. My closet is a safe haven for the truth on my breath,the words The Card. Accidental Suicide. The cloud slowly rolls in She rips up her sleeve again. The first time that I saw you You casted your spell You noticed me out of the few I thought we'd be forever but only time You can be the difference.

You can be the change. You can be the helping hand. You can save the day. You can mend the To The Last Time. To the lost, the forgotten, the outcasts, to all those who feel hopeless and alone. Every Breath. Every Breath of every life, Into time and known particles. Shared sun and moon With stars partaking in beauty. Never has Just another teenage girl writing. Just another teenage girl writing small thoughts on a tree.

A tree that will someday get lost or dissapear. Where were you? They say to be different is okay. They say to be different is okay They tell you to be yourself They say nobody judges here What they don't tell you is that When You're Suicidal. Just look in his eyes. He's asking for help. He doesn't know how to say it so he just stares. Those sunken-in eyes the An Image to Erase. When people think of suicide, what thought comes to mind? Some people think coward, but I think of power.

The power to take It was too late. I know no other feeling, i've experienced it deeply all my life. Seeing the baby deer lost on David Attenborough is The Golden Moment. Take me back to those happy times, instead of these new ones when you cry. And it felt so right to hide. It seems fine the wine is flowing Laughter is swirling the room Sadness is blockaded from entering That rush of panic Im White Noise.

Static, all I hear is static. White noise rings in my ears like it is seeping from the walls of the very room I am sitting Jump, Fall, Land, Splat. Jump, fall, land, splat. Who ever said that? Not the twisted face he sees,though it drove him to his knees. Not the voices in She hides it so well. Slash slash as the blade glides through her skin. She watches the blood drip down on the floor. And rhe scar will heal once No More. Fallen Angel. She sits in her corner, doesn't want to see their faces. All they say is that she's a big disgrace. She looks at her wrists People always leave me Eventually everyone gets tired of the girl who is depressed for no reason I do And if I'm not cutting Silver Feline.

The silver coated feline creeps up and takes the breath of a young girl. She can't see through the pain as the claw The reason I. Two bullets and two lives Two knives and two almost good byes No words to describe the pain but only words so others Blurred Image to Clear Revelation. You taught me that at my weakest, I will not surrender. Never Land. Yes, you see it now. Jay's Poem. Mascara streaks, messy hair, and wet cheeks. It's not fair. Rhythm of a heart, pain of a shattered soul. Mind and body The Galloping Sea. The way a poem can be. How it floats, shifts, wanders. And yet, it is freer than the wind, than the galloping sea.

Than you That is all we are. Constantly wondering to something new, something wonderful, something different. Something that E Living On Various Emotions. You look up, hoping to see another day The love is no longer there; for, hatred has overcome This world is corrupt and fire Society Killed the Teenager. Society killed the teenager.

What did we expect? That the words would roll off their shoulders? No responsibility to You stand there, taking deep. You stand there, taking deep breathes. Suicide Notes. This ponders why people commit Suicide. My Suicidal end. I lie in bed, on somber nights Just to stare at these bloody scared wrists of mine All night, needles in my skin Watcing my Features of a Ghost. Your eyes are like the shining moon on my windowsill at night I miss you Your hair is like the waves I see from day to A regular day. I am thankful for having a car, when there are people who have to wake up awfully early to take a bus or walk miles and Running Was My Life.

You and Me Poem for My Brother. Your Face. I look in the mirror, I see your face. I look in your room, I see your face. I look in my room, I see your face. I look down Dying by Living. My Guardian Angel. I met a boy once who was playful and adventurous. He always sought trouble but was every parents dream.

Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart
Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart
Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart
Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart
Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart
Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart Poetic Thoughts from a Broken Heart

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