Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams

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Night Works conveys a range of emotions that the closing twilight hours can often bring. Deep soundscapes shift like moonlight as shadows in darkness crawl across a lost landscape. Occasionally there's a sense of melodic comfort, like being cocooned in the warm atmosphere of your own home while some moments invite you to venture outside to witness the nocturnal activities of a vast darkness. Like a storm from nowhere, strange unidentified frequencies emerge in the distance and converse like a room of spirits that echo the sound of past nightmares.

Glimmers of light appear as cities dream of hi-rise sunsets.

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The wonderfully warm minimalistic approach to Reverberant Evening's ambient music is fine tuned and seamless. Each track evolves naturally and blends into the next creating a long-form journey. It is impossible not to become completely immersed in Reverberant Evening's overflow of airy tension and emotional movement.

This style of composition and production is so incredibly powerful, it's hard to find another form of music that can be so moving and so content in itself at the same time. Artist: Various Title: Nagual. Limited to just 60 boxes and only 45 available to order from the txt website due to each artist being given a box for their involvement in the project.

Artist: Lorenzo Montana Title: Nihil. Fresh from his collaboration with Alio Die on their earthy trippy Holographic Codex album. Lorenzo Montana finally finds his spiritual home here at txt. After a string of releases on Fax with Pete Namlook and more recently on the excellent Carpe Sonum label, Lorenzo delivers a beautiful crafted masterpiece that you will return to time and time again.

Nihil is the night, seen and interpreted from different situations and places, like a film that tells a journey of images, where the intangible aspects are manifested. Both artists have shared a mutual respect for each other's work over the years, and in the Spring of they began a project together that slowly and organically unfolded between Iran and Japan resulting in this album. Rough edges collide with smooth surfaces creating tactile layers of ambience, through which sparse piano and synths rise to the fore.

Field recordings and drones have been woven with melodies and harmonic tones. From these elements, five tracks explore the intersection between opposing textures, the interplay between different shades and the hidden moments of in-between spaces. Limited edition of copies. Artist: Solipsism Title: Ambient Collection. This USB 'Box Set' represents the vast bulk of ambient work that stretches back to around or It also features a previously unreleased ambient EP that was made made entirely by manipulated electric guitar. All of the other albums and tracks in the Collections album have been released and some of the music featured in this collection has been featured on major radio stations such as BBC6 Music and TV stations such as Channel 4 in the UK.

I'd like to thank Lee Norris for releasing this collection through Mick Chillage returns to txt this autumn with "Infinite Perspectives" Mick is always concerned about not repeating himself and stretches out his ambient tone poems in various sonic shapes. Taking a slightly more minimalist approach than his previous "Reverie" Infinite Perspectives" explores the relationship between composition and experimentation which results in seven ambient pieces that stir the imagination and soul in equal measure.

This journey is distinguished by its multidimensional or multilateral character: different points are described here by the means of ambient music: "Eso. Moving through intensely increasing elevations as well as through declining stillness. But guarding above is stunningly gorgeous undulating blanket of warmer panoramic washes embellished by briskly swirling effects quietly ride on distant horizons and produce a totally mind-blowing outcome!!!

Limited to cds only. Dont miss this beautiful double album.

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Artist: Sage Taylor Title: Raintime. Sage Taylor's masterpiece that is Raintime is now released on I was sent Raintime by the owner of Pronounce and fell in love with it's beautiful melodic ambience. Eleven rain-themed ambient tracks with each song transitioning to the next using rain samples, providing the listener with a silence-free experience and the impression of one long track.

Long time friend and German master of sound Uwe Zahn releases his beautiful Arovane album on My experimentation and research led me to drone structures, clouds of resonating tones and dense, complex spectres. For this album i've created a couple of so called 'structures', minute audio tracks using granular synthesis technique.

Book: Moon Magick

I arrange the structures in a larger composition. I took audio samples out of it to granulize again and repeat this process to archieve a microscopic level of sound. He is currently working on albums with our dear friend Porya Hatami and Nacht Plank. Buy into this beautiful and haunting sound and you won't be disappointed.

Limited to glass mastered cd's. Artist: Autumn Of Communion Title: 3. Artist: Autumn Of Communion Title: 6. Artist: Milieu Title: Statuettes. Artist: Autumn Of Communion Title: Artist: Tsone Title: Whisper Collector. Re release of the classic album microcosmacrocosm by alien mutation vs indigo egg which was released on Kinetix in This is a double cd featuring the original album on disc 1 while disc 2 features the extended ep trk and 2 other unreleased extended tracks.

Most of the second cds not been released at all. Artist: Various Title: Tensegrity. Tensegrity, tensional integrity or floating compression, is a structural principle based on the use of isolated components in compression inside a net of continuous tension, in such a way that the compressed members usually bars or struts do not touch each other and the prestressed tensioned members usually cables or tendons delineate the system spatially.. The first txt compilation featuring artists who will be releasing music on the label in the future.

Artwork by resident txt artist Nick Edell Limited to just glass mastered copies.. Originally released as a limited cdr on Unknown Tone Recordings it was clear to me that this beautiful album deserved releasing on txt on a glass glass mastered disc. This is the first album Lee and Porya recorded before their second album which was released on the superb Carpe Sonum label in America. Everday is new drug is a beautiful,haunting work and just as endearing as the duo's Longing Daylight release.

Artist: Autumn Of Communion Title: 5. Artist: Stormloop Title: Cluster. Artist: Nacht Plank Title: - Septs Vents 2. Lost and Damaged 3. Broad Tape Band 4. Maria Sabina Cubensis 5. Echo Ark. I like to think of this collection as my non drone work and a totally different set of ambient music compared to the Sacraments Council boxset.

Will be a deluxe set in the same vein as the recent Ashes Of Piemonte box as these look stunning. Artist: Ishqamatics Title: Waterbound.

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Ishq and Metamatics continue their journey through the elements and this time end up underwater!! This is an epic album spawning over 2 hours of music which takes up 2 cds. Ishqamatics follow their trademark sound of dubby ambient music that bubbles and slowly emerges into a meandering head echo of a water salad. Super limited and out when the wintery nights take a grip on our lives Dive into Waterbound Here for the first time are their albums together that were released on Time Released Sound and Twice Removed. Comes on an iron square usb stick and housed in a metal tin. Comes complete with postcard and an exclusive remix by mick chillage.

Two years have passed since the first request from British music label txt. And more than three years of painstakingly crafted and carefully arranged sounds have flowed into the production. Ten years after his first album sound artist Dr. Atmo introduces "Quiet Life" the first album out under his own name. Eight meditational tracks in downright classic ambient style, meandering like a brook through the Far East, on a journey through distant lands.

Of oriental origin himself, in the spirit of former chill-out days, the Doctor reveals himself to be an itinerant wanderer and cosmopolitan collector, always scattering regional instruments and sounds into his translucent scapes to give them an ethnic depth. A prime example of this is "Road" and "Hang Garden" where their Iranian and Kurdish spirit is drawn from the strings of the kamancheh. Or the Indonesian influences of "Batubulan" and "Subak" with the captivating bamboo sounds of the angklung.

Hear, O Israel, Save Us

The exotic instruments were in part played by local musicians on Atmos' travels to foreign climes. In addition the chill-out master utilizes old radio recordings as well as the playful skills of Berlin-based Hassam Ramzy student Michael Metzler hang. In this way Dr.

Atmo avoids any dull sound-block-pushing. More than the half of the album is actually live recording. This leads to an incredibly vivid organic and dynamic sound, despite its tonal reduction. In that respect, special aural attention has been earned by the track "Find your Home", drawn with a fine pop-quill: with the lyrical harp playing by Simonetta as well as the alluring voice of Nuwella Love amongst others Atmo And The Lightz this modern lullaby ensures that even the most wound-up listener will fall into their pillows totally relaxed.

A further highlight is tucked away right at the end of the album. Here Dr. In this way, eight tracks were created and melt away, like mirages shimmering over hot asphalt, somewhere between illusion and reality, clarity and poetry, tradition and modernity. The fact that "Quiet Life" is part of the musical tradition of the old FAX releases also has its reasons.

Not only did Dr. But txt-label head Anthony Norris is also a dyed-in-the-wool Pete Namlook fan of the first hour. Chill in peace. Most of the releases were very just copies and sold out straight away and making it impossible for the music to be heard for those who did not buy them. Now all them releases are available on a wooden usb stick and housed in a wooden box. Lee and Mick are back at the controls this time with Ishq taking over on the mixing duties. Artist: Mick Chillage Title: Reverie. Mick's new album counts in six tracks of deep emotive ambience that flickers between minimalistic piano compositions, drones and lush ambient textures..

Reverie a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts.. I've often thought about the way that we perceive memories. It was one early morning when I was out running in the Somerset countryside seeing a few rays of sunlight breaking through the cloud cover, illuminating just a few areas of the ground so intensely, that I saw the metaphor; our memories are like spot-lit glimpses into our past.

Inspired, I set about exploring some of my own most vivid memories and giving them a soundtrack. The result is A Glimmer of Memory. This is the debut album from Experiments in Silence, the soundscape and experimental ambient project of Neil Butler from Spatialize, featuring 2 tracks co-written with Matt Hillier of Ishq. The modus operandi of this project is to compose quickly and fluently at those moments when music leans in and quietly asks for expression. Granular textures, analogue synths, deep reverbs and field recordings make up the tapestry of this minimal ambient work.

Deep, dark and beautiful. Artwork by Ishq. Over the past 18 months i have released well over 25 albums and most of them recorded in Italy. This double cd set is a continuous mix of some of the tracks i made while living in Northern Italy. Over 2 hours of music.

If you are a follower of the Autumn of Communion, Ishqamatics and Ashtoreth's Gate sound then you will know what to expect. Echo Ark stays true to the sound of Arwork by Ishq. His music is Ambient drone organic textures A beautiful album to be played most evenings in all seasons. This is David's personal tribute to his friend Pete Namlook. Artist: Ishqamatics Title: Spacebound. Spacebound by Ishq and Metamatics is the duo's second album hot on the heels of their first album Earthbound.. Spacebound is a trip into space dealing in lush soundscapes and beautiful haunting melodys mixed with field recordings and otherworldly noises.

As a special one off we are releasing a mega limited album by Autumn of Communion. It wont be available anywhere else apart from the Autumn of Communion 3. A blissed out ambient journey that visits fictional planets deep in some far off solar system. This is ambient music for the mind,body and soul. Artist: Eeem Title: Peregrination. Helsinki based electronic musician Emmanuel Toledo, under moniker Eeem [eim], likes to describe himself as the combination of a field recordist,a sound designer and an ambient storyteller.

His works take up from Finnish nature to Megacities, a long as birds are present and there is a story to tell, a moment in life to remember. Inspiration comes from own experiences and from literature. Such Soudscapes are meant to be like scenes captured with long-exposure photographs. Shadow Of The Bowman by Ashtoreth's Gate is a deep, dark and cerebral journey into the etheric planes, where thundering drones power their way through a vast collage of experimental tones and frequencies.

Seriously deep ambient music on an epic scale. Artwork by Scott Bellew. Hypnotic analogue textures and delightful melodies are beautifully interwoven with moments of genuine weirdness to create expansive thought provoking arrangements that transport you to another realm. Art by Wayne Duffy and design by Nicholas Edell. Glimmers of light appear as cities dream of hi rise sunsets.

Shimmering reflexions, piercing warmth,delicate textures Artist: Solipsism Title: Soliloquy. Soliloquy is the latest release from Glasgow's Craig Murphy under his Solipsism moniker. The album sees Murphy's heavily-processed electric guitar manipulated and moulded into moving slices of emotional Ambient music, where pulsating drones create rich and atmospheric backdrops for the gentle melodies and sweeping tones to weave their magic.

Fresh on the heels of his Faxology album on the legendary Fax Label, Night Works is sure to delight his ever-growing fanbase with it's rich atmospheres and undulating tones. All purchases are dispatched within 72 hours of receipt of payment, Monday to Friday. Same humans as us? Strictly limited to glass mastered copies. Photography by Lee Anthony Norris Artwork by Nick Edell If the first Angling Loser album was a gentle and bucolic excursion from daily life, blurred between the surface of our world and the world beneath the water, then the second album presents a trip into all the slow motions and reflections found much further out from the banks.

Into the void was made over the autumn and winter months of Limited to glass mastered cds. Each volume is Limited to just copies. Hello, Here is some information about our t-shirts. Re released on glass mastered cd by demand from the This is part of all the cdr albums re issued on the label. Limited to just glass mastered cd's. The last release of on Limited to cd's. Nagual is housed in a square black box with mini cards for assorted artwork.

Lorenzo Montana finally finds his spiritual home here at txt After a string of releases on Fax with Pete Namlook and more recently on the excellent Carpe Sonum label, Lorenzo delivers a beautiful crafted masterpiece that you will return to time and time again. A journey through places and atmospheres that merge into a dream night. Limited to Double cd from Autumn Of Communion.

Solar Image was released as a bandcamp special and was only available as a digital release. Now is the chance to own these beautiful albums on this stunning collection. The double cd comes with a postcard featuring the magical artwork of Nick Edell along with a mini card with the number of your cd. Strictly limited to just copies this is sure to become a collectors item in the future and caps off all the Aoc albums on cd.

Dont miss out The final yes you thought 5 was the end Autumn of Communion release ever. After interest from fans who wanted this album availble on cd.. Well here it is! Originally released on the limited Autumn of Communion usb boxset 60 copies Here is your chance to own the this beautiful album.

Mega limited run of glass mastered cds. With about a dozen monikers and nearly five-hundred releases behind him, his growing body of work continues to mutate, seemingly with a mind of its own. At times, light and airy, at others, darker and isolated. Always melodic, always with a sense of gravity and time having slowly worn away the chiseled edges of his monuments, presented here in soft sadness. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence should be secondary to the search for those outlanders already present on our planet.

The National Security Agency and World Defence departments, particularly in America, not only know of their existence but are aiding them with the supply of monitored abduction subjects and E.

Herbert West: Reanimator/full

These Grey Projects are hidden behind "above top secret" Black Projects, where not even those orchestrating the Black Projects are aware of what is going on under their command. With the Earth's population increasing almost exponentially, a catastrophe is being prepared for, or is being prepared for us? Collection of Autumn of Communion albums all on one usb stick!

Wooden usb stick housed in a wooden box with a small card inside numbering each box. Mega limited to just 60 copies and featuring Autumn of Communion 6 which is an unreleased album exclusive to this set. Whisper Collector is tsone's first release for txt recordings. Whisper Collector takes ,as its point of departure,sound as a sublime presence appearing on different scales; from the enormous and overpowering, to the subtle and reflective, while deftly exploring the in-between.

Music generating systems operating within the boundaries of their own internal logic while also allowing some room for human agency generated the organic sonic textures found throughout the album. As with all tsone albums, Whisper Collector is a continuation of Tony's exploration of sound as a vehicle for bringing mindful awareness to everyday experience. If you dont know these 2 artists they are none other than the late Jake Stephenson Crystal Moon and Matt Hiller Ishq This is a double cd featuring the original album on disc 1 while disc 2 features the extended ep trk and 2 other unreleased extended tracks.

Super limited to copies and comes with brand new artwork by Ishq. This is the first album Lee and Porya recorded before their second album which was released on the superb Carpe Sonum label in America Everday is new drug is a beautiful,haunting work and just as endearing as the duo's Longing Daylight release.

Limited to 90 copies. AOC have decided to finish the series with a beautiful ambient album that im sure will delight you all who have followed their journey from it's birth on Namlook's Fax label to Carpe Sonum and their spiritual home on This collection does not include his most recent album Reverie but also includes an unreleased album. This collection is limited to 60 boxes and all come numbered with a postcard The albums on this collection are Faxology Nightworks Pixels Saudade Unreleased bonus album.

Stormloop is Kev Spence from Leeds, England who has been making electronic and ambient recordings since Composing usually late into the night, watching the heavy snowfalls was the inspiration for these tracks, and the feeling of been lost in some remote cabin, safe but warm, with good food and drink, staring out at the depths of winter snow that covers the land..

These crystalline soundscapes,take us from the cold winter nights, then out towards the bleakness of space. Cluster is an authentic full-immersion into the cold and space. Thanks to those who have supported my work so far. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams
Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams
Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams
Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams
Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams

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