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Log in. Already a subscriber or registered access user? Subscription Notification. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Please update your billing details here. Utilizing both fictional spies and actual agents who gathered intelligence for Britain inside German-occupied France, this novel offers a glimpse into the real dangers female operatives faced during the First World War. The fact that it features the brilliant Louise de Bettignies, a women whose spy network was the most thrillingly successful during the early part of the war, is worth the read alone, but this book also touches on so much more.

Dark and gripping, the dual-timeline story explores the themes of courage, loyalty, truth, and ultimately redemption.

5 of the world’s most famous female spies

In The Spymistress , the astonishing life and achievements of Elizabeth Van Lew are finally given the spotlight. Van Lew operated a far-reaching spy ring for the Union in Confederate-held Virginia during the American Civil War, gathering military intelligence from enemy officers, assisting in the underground railroad, and helping prisoners to escape.

Clever and eye-opening, readers will devour this largely untold tale of a valiant woman. This book is a twisty, mind-game which explores the meaning of courage and friendship.

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  • The narrator is a secret agent who has crash-landed in Nazi Germany and is being held prisoner, interrogated for her captors. Except nothing is as straight-forward as it seems. This is a riveting tale with a nuanced portrayal of female operatives, highlighting their strengths and humanity. Advertisers: Contact Us.

    The 20 Greatest Female Onscreen Spies

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    5 Of The World’s Most Famous Female Spies

    Anna Lee Huber Carol K. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she majored in music and minored in psychology. Visit her online at annaleehuber. They led men. Born to a working-class family on the outskirts of Paris after World War I, Borrel left school at Read more : 8 famous people who served on D-Day. After a stint treating people wounded by the German Army, she joined a group of French Resistance operatives organizing and operating one of the country's largest underground escape networks, the Pat O'Leary line.

    She aided at least 65 Allied evaders mainly British Royal Air Force airmen shot down over enemy territory on their journeys out of France to Spain through the Pyrenees. When she herself got ratted out, she escaped to Lisbon, Portugal. She then moved to London, eager to continue fighting for the liberation of France. In the spring of , the SOE recruited her.

    Dangerous Embellishments: Women Spies in the Civil War - Clara Barton Museum

    She was trained not only to jump behind enemy lines, but also to spy on, sabotage, and kill Axis troops occupying her home country. Borrel parachuted into France in September of , becoming the first female combat agent to do so.

    She worked as a courier for the SOE network Physician nicknamed "Prosper" , which raised bands of Resistance members in the north to carry out guerilla attacks against Nazi troops. Moving between Paris and the countryside, she coordinated aerial supply drops and recruited, armed, and trained Resistance members. She rose to second in command of the network's Paris circuit, which was also funneling enemy intelligence back to the Allies in London. She was in the SOE's first training class for female agents, where she learned skills from hand-to-hand combat to Morse code.


    When asked, "How might you kill a Nazi using what you have on you? And he'd deserve it. Her commanding officer described her as "the best of us all. Read more : Here's how the Allies began to reclaim Europe from the Nazis. Nazis, allegedly leveraging intelligence from a double agent, arrested Borrel and fellow Physician leaders in June After being interrogated and imprisoned around Paris, she was transferred to the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in July with three other female SOE agents and executed a month after D-Day.



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