Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play

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13th-century Polish people

They're all starving, because it's The Stooge's night to bring food.

Two more credibly accused priests named

Only The Stooge apparently met a girl All characters are male, but are to be played by female performers. Genre: comedy, dark comedy, fantasy, farce, romantic comedy, satire. Keyword: lust, gluttony, seven deadly sins, virtues, Sex, food, apocalypse, sumo wrestler, erotic bakeries, all-you-can-eat. At the annual gathering of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gluttony and Lust begin commiserating about the monotony of their routines. Apparently even having sex all the time and eating as much as you could ever want eventually gets really boring.

So Gluttony and Lust swap, and are so reinvigorated and energized So Gluttony and Lust swap, and are so reinvigorated and energized that they convince the other deadly sins to follow suit. Meanwhile, the world falls into chaos, with erotic bakeries taking the place of Starbucks on every street corner and a sumo wrestler being named the Sexiest Person Currently Breathing. Eventually the Virtues get involved, as all the changes threaten to bring about the apocalypse. Set entirely in a Chinese buffet restaurant. Timmy's Big Kiss by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: young adult, teen audience, large casts for young adults.

But does Timmy even want to be kissed? And Sometimes Y by Matthew Weaver. Genre: adventure, comedy, dark comedy, experimental. Keyword: many roles, alphabetical order, alphabet, quirky. Each play only uses dialogue that begins with a corresponding letter.

Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord

The "A" play only uses words that begin with the letter A, the "B" play only uses words that begin with the letter "B," and so on. Includes "Quite" and "Want. Maximum of 86 individual parts. Obviously, doubling is allowed. First Kisses by Matthew Weaver. Genre: comedy, drama, fantasy, pantomime, romantic comedy.

Keyword: kissing, first kiss, aging, seduction, spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven. In "Shrug," a boy and girl wonder what all the fuss is about. In "The In "The Cereals Aisle," a man and woman share a passionate moment in the middle of a grocery store. In "Spin the Bottle,"a group of senior citizens play a favorite childhood game.

Jesus at 10 an evening of 10 short plays by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: Jesus Christ, monologues, Bible, biblical times, faith, religion, tolerance, Beatitudes, christianity, Catholicism. Includes the short plays "Jesus at 3 Weeks" and "Jesus at Keyword: consent, love, loneliness, kissing, birthday, golden year. She says no. A Reality Girl appears and offers him an interesting alternative.

Genre: dark comedy, drama, faith-based, holiday, tragedy. Keyword: christmas, christmas eve, bank robbers, crime, O. Directed by Jennie Oliver and Andrea Tate. Recommendations: 3. Keyword: kissing, romance, physical, movement, affection, public displays of affection, lovers, tragedy, humor, physicality. Asterisk Kisses by Matthew Weaver. Be in the Moment by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: Spokane, observational, theater verite, real life. A playwright observes the activities going on around them on a particular day in Spokane, Wash. Theater verite. Published by Cascadia Rising Review, June A finalist for the Dionysian magazine, issue , February The Bee's Knees by Matthew Weaver.

Her knees cheer her on. All-female cast. Feminine Care by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: men and women, feminine care, feminism, gender, Relationships, grocery store aisle. Key dialogue written by Emily Wagnitz. Originally performed June by Ignite! Community Theatre in Spokane, Wash. Also performed on Spokane community radio the same year.

Keyword: teenagers, young adult, relationship abuse, teen drinking, teen drug use, Relationships. Kent Rowan and brother Bobby are at the food court of their local mall, getting dinner after buying shoes for Bobby. Cheryl Jarvis, the girl Kent likes, is at another table with friends Brandy and Madison.

Her overbearing boyfriend, Keith, crashes the party to check in on his girlfriend Her overbearing boyfriend, Keith, crashes the party to check in on his girlfriend. Love and hate, betrayal and woe all play out among the teen scene at a local mall on a Friday night. Recommendations: 7. Keyword: biblical, Bible story, religion, church, swallowed by a whale. First-place winner, one-act category. Received Adjudicator's Award. Keyword: love of your life, red licorice, psychic, hopeless romantic.

A psychic comes up to Peter Hopewell and tells him when and where to meet the love of his life Heart in a Box by Matthew Weaver. Recommendations: 6. Keyword: No Dialogue, large cast, love, Relationships, dating, kissing. Published by Cascadia Rising Review magazine, June Keyword: good roles for young performers, steamy, kissing, carnival, Fantasy, Ray Bradbury, autumn, fall, halloween. They might not like what they find.

The Kissing Bandit by Matthew Weaver. She finds three women hoping the masked vigilante appears Irresistible by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: writing, writers writing, controversial topics, boys and girls, kissing, teachers and students, sexuality, good roles for women, good roles for young women. But Petunia has a hereditary heart diagnosis Spin The Bottle by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: senior citizens, kissing, Seniors, aging, spin the bottle, sex after 50, first kiss. Part of the "First Kisses" evening of short plays. One of 14! Very First Kiss by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: prehistoric times, hunters, hunters and gatherers, woolly mammoths, early man, B.

Written Aug. The Whale and the Tuba by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: high school, English class, high school English class, literature, books, readers, authors, symbolism, satire. I thought it I thought it would be an interesting exercise to try to turn it into a play. Keyword: fun roles for young men, kissing, coming of age, growing up, first kiss. But then Owen runs out of popcorn Keyword: romance, kissing, public displays of affection, virginity, steamy. Keyword: horses, animals, animals in the Bible, biblical, alpha and omega, apocalyptic, apocalypse. Recommendations: 5.

Christmas YTP: Bottom - Holy Shit it's Twatmass

Genre: comedy, experimental, farce, immersive, satire. Genre: comedy, dark comedy, fantasy, horror, young audiences. Keyword: Sisters, girl power, monster, Childhood, coming of age, growing up. The sisters need to try to ignore it. Performed as part of Harper Adult Situations by Matthew Weaver. Glenn's big sister Naomi has other ideas The Aftermath by Matthew Weaver. Genre: drama, experimental, fantasy, horror, science fiction, tragedy. Keyword: godzilla, Thomas Pynchon, aftermath, survivor. For this play, I combined two ideas. One was a prompt from 31 Plays in 31 Days: "Write a play where each character says no more than three words at a time.

Aphrodite's Welcome by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: young love, young lovers, aphrodite, gods and mortals, erotic, sensual, nudity, kissing, Greek Gods, No Dialogue. Play calls for nudity. Please perform to the safety and comfort of performers. The Apple by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: witches, Little Red Riding Hood, lost in the foods, Dark Fairy Tale, good roles for women, good roles for young performers, coming of age.

The Woman appears, wearing a red cloak, offering knowledge of the way home. Arguing With Toasters by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: women's issues, women, toasters, kitchen appliances, Domestic, absurdism. Selected for University of St. Thomas' Ampersand 2. The Ark by Matthew Weaver. A minute comedy, selected for performance on the Onstage-Offstage podcast by George Sapio in October Awnings by Matthew Weaver.

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Keyword: rainstorm, kissing, thunder, lightning, steamy. A minute play. Baby Grand by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: twins, sibling rivalry, porn star's phone number, baby grand piano, piano movers, brothers fighting. They have a porn star's phone number. I think my imagination went to the most logical place possible. Best Behavior by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: two-hander, good roles for two women, female friendships, friendship. When an old friend from school, Diana, suddenly appears and tells her they should have hung out more often or gotten coffee together.

Written in an hour on Jan. The prompt we received was "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light That's how the light gets in. Bigelow Gulch by Matthew Weaver. Bigfoot Does Ballet by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: good roles for young girls, ballet dancing, movement, physical, Bigfoot, ballet, good roles for girls.

Bigfoot on the Ferry by Matthew Weaver. Genre: adventure, comedy, dark comedy, drama, experimental, fantasy, farce. Keyword: Sisters, Con Artists, on the run, Sheriff, criminals, law, crime, deputy, blackbirds. They have a train to catch, if Sheriff Bickleton doesn't stop them. We were given the prompt " We were given the prompt "Blackbirds singing in the dead of night. I came up with two con artist sisters running through the woods, having successfully stolen bags' worth of money from the older sister's unsuspecting would-be husband.

They're dashing to catch a train Bookdrop by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: romance, good roles for women, good roles for men, mature love, literature, library, librarians.

Father Leo Franklin McNamara

Originally written for the Heartland Theatre Company's annual minute play festival, which was themed "The Library. The Boy on the Beach by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: mythology, sirens, possible vampire, innocence, coming of age, dreams, taboo. The Bride and the Boy by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: romance, mystery, time travel, the future, fate, good roles for women, good roles for young men.

Written for the Women a Year project. The Carpenter's Boy by Matthew Weaver. Festival in NYC in June Keyword: ten-minute play, soap operas, biography, two actors minute play, two-hander. This play, written as part of the Women a Year playwrighting project, imagines a This play, written as part of the Women a Year playwrighting project, imagines a conversation between the two women - renowned for their creativity and ferocity - as they reflect on soap operas today. Keyword: Relationships, romance, loneliness, kissing, sadness, friendship, deep friendship.

Continents Apart by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: penguins, polar bears, Antarctica, the North Pole, explorers, dreams, visions, animals. The prompt we were given was "Last night I dreamed of bears. So I asked myself, "WHO dreamed of bears? The Count by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: Toxic Masculinity, girl power, vampire, halloween. Keyword: dung beetle, insects, intolerance, religion, family, bigotry, bias and bigotry, Politics, sexual preference, diversity. Keyword: marriage, love, secrets, men and women, husbands and wives, food, lunch, cooking.

What Nan reveals astonishes him. The Embrace by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: women, female friendship, remembering loved one. Judith is quietly crying on a park bench when Claudette and her boyfriend pass through. The prompt we were given was the quote by Rumi, "The hurt we embrace becomes joy. Call it to your arms where it can change. Evening Prayers by Matthew Weaver. Genre: comedy, drama, experimental, young audiences.

Keyword: good roles for women, good roles for young women, mothers and daughters, parents and children, all female cast, girl power. Flies at the Nativity by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: Christmas plays, christmas, insects, humor, comedic nativity play, nativity, biblical. Three common houseflies are present at the site of the birth of the Baby Jesus. The Fluidity of Truth by Matthew Weaver.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Seven Short Plays by Lady Gregory.

Genre: dark comedy, drama, horror, political, satire, tragedy. Keyword: women, harassment, Donald Trump, Women in the Age of Trump, police, women's issues, social issues. Snake hates flying. Ghost Chicken by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: halloween, ghosts, couple making out in a car, romance, comedy, horror comedy, undead spirits, farmer, farm, headless chicken. What's that sound outside the car? Could it be This is several days late, but I woke up this morning inspired: What if the monster outside the car was Recommendations: 8. High School Nachos by Matthew Weaver.

Genre: comedy, political, science fiction, young audiences. The prompt was: "Yes time travel is possible. Will explain later. The Hug by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: Hug, world record, Relationships, group hug, group dynamics. I, Marshmallow by Matthew Weaver. Genre: adventure, comedy, dark comedy, experimental, farce, horror, melodrama, satire, tragedy, young audiences. Keyword: marshmallows, scouts, Campfire, fire, inanimate objects. Except for maybe the marshmallows. Keyword: good roles for women, heist, animals, Sisters, good comedy for women. The prop I had to incorporate into the play was a toy lizard.

I had 12 hours to write the play and I had 12 hours to write the play and they had 12 hours to prepare it for production. They did a fantastic job! Illicit by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: coming of age, teenagers, adultery, young adult, steamy. The Intimates by Matthew Weaver.

Keyword: romance, Underwear, pantomime, love story, clothing optional. Keyword: dream, dream play, Dream logic, absurdist, Jessica Alba, Cream of Wheat, boat, ocean, two roles for women. Wrote this one after a conversation with a friend who mentioned she had Wrote this one after a conversation with a friend who mentioned she had dreamed of Cream of Wheat, one of my favorite breakfasts. I tried for as much dream logic as possible. Jesus in the Kitchen by Matthew Weaver.

Keyword: loneliness, being alone, faith, religion, Jesus, men's health. The Kissing Scene by Matthew Weaver. Genre: drama, experimental, romantic comedy, young audiences. Part of the "First Kisses" evening of plays. Look by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: romance, Relationships, consensual relationships, virginity, first time, body acceptance, nudity. Please play to the safety and comfort of your performers. Keyword: Temptation, marriage, infidelity, first love, kissing.

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Author's note: This was written after reading "Letter Perfect," a history of the origins of the alphabet, by David Sacks, and learning the origins of the expression "Mind your Ps and Qs," referring to keeping the letters straight when using movable type. Neighborhood Watch by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: fairy tale, bears, animals, forest creatures. Keyword: teenagers, babysitter, kitten, surgery, young adult, those nachos we found, pet care, thumb wrestling.

Bad things happen when they're bored. Zelda Zwieback is tasked with keeping them occupied and from popping their stitches. As part of the festival, writers were required to use As part of the festival, writers were required to use a particular prop; in this instance, a ceramic kitten. Directed by Jessica Rempel.

Edited to add: I have to say, total credit for Zelda's history as a thumb wrestler came from Joni. When I asked the performers their comfort zones, and if they had any special abilities, Joni - independent of anything - proceeded to tell me how she had been a champion thumb wrestler in school, so good her thumb had its own name: Hank. It was a gift. Paper Chains by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: young adult, high school, high school romance. Izzy asks Morris to the dance. Pepper Pirates for Life! Then Aria pulls out the ghost peppers.

Post-Apocalyptic Brunch by Matthew Weaver. Genre: adventure, dark comedy, drama, experimental, fantasy, political, satire, science fiction, tragedy. Originally written in response to a prompt for the New Wave Theatre Collective. Keyword: holiday, christmas, good roles for YA performers, teenagers, mistletoe, kissing. The Quail by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: marriage, love, adultery, family, aging, time, birds, nature. Keyword: pangram, letters of the alphabet, animals, dogs, fox. The Raft by Matthew Weaver. Dakota's got this. Round Yon Virgin by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: christmas, naughty comedy, coming of age.

Salad Bar by Matthew Weaver. Genre: comedy, experimental, science fiction, young audiences. Keyword: large cast, young performers, children theater, dinosaurs. Written in reply to a request for a minute play for 20 student performers with roles of equal sizes. The title comes from playwright Scott Mullen. I loved his suggestion. Sarsaparilla by Matthew Weaver. Sebastian and Chloe by Matthew Weaver. Second Kisses by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: kissing, sexy, steamy, short and sweet, beta male, 18th birthday, men and women. He and Portia can't seem to stop kissing about it.

Keyword: good roles for two women, social media, selfies, insects, ladybugs, entomologist. The prompt we received was "Authenticity. I was also thinking about the concept that people are living their "best lives" on social media, which tapped into the authenticity prompt. Seven Minutes in Heaven by Matthew Weaver. Charlie's saving his first kiss for Caitlin. Unstoppable force meets immovable object in a closet. Siren's Last Call by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: bars, drinking, Alcohol, Greek mythology, men and women, sirens, fate, destiny.

Genre: biography, experimental, immersive, young audiences. Written for the Women a Year Project. Keyword: alone, Depression, self-loathing, loneliness, men and women, Relationships. Skeletons by Matthew Weaver. Son of a Sunrise by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: innocence, coming of age, kissing, strong roles for women, strong roles for young men, strong women. Spots by Matthew Weaver. Keyword: animals, giraffes, grief, Bible, biblical, plight of refugees, refugees.

Straddle by Matthew Weaver. Hyacinths are highly fragrant, bell-shaped flowers with reflexed petals. The waxy, densely-packed florets come in shades of white, peach, orange, salmon, yellow, pink, red, purple, lavender and blue. The leaves of the hyacinth are fleshy, glossy green and strap shaped.

The Hyacinth bulb is a light purple or cream in color and are covered with dry, papery, skin-like layers. Zephyr, who was the god of the west wind, was overwhelmed with jealousy and he blew the discus back. It struck Hyakinthos on the head and killed him. From his blood grew a flower, which the sun god Apollo named after him. After they bloom in spring, allow the plants to grow until the leaves die off. They need time after blooming to store energy in the bulbs for next year.

To remove the dead plant, either snip them off at the base, or twist the leaves while pulling lightly. Nominated for. Rose Carnations Lilies. What are you looking for? Roses Carnations Lilies. Flowers and Art Meanings of flowers Flowers for different occasions.

Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play
Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play
Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play
Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play
Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play Holy Hyacinth : A One Act Play

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