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During the Second World War, a Nazi division was created with the sole purpose of studying Jewish life and culture to inform the propagandist mission against the Jews. The Einsatzstab Reichleiter Rosenberg ERR moved around Europe confiscating artwork and other items of cultural significance relating to 'the enemies of the Reich'.

The massive operation, which saw thousands of artworks plundered, were then recorded and photographed, leaving a detailed record of what was stolen. After the outbreak of the war, the Schloss heirs moved the Schloss Collection from Paris to Chateau de Chambon, a town in Southern France, in an attempt to protect the collection from looting by the Nazis. In , they ultimately succeeded and paintings, including 'A scholar sharpening his quill', were taken to a depot located at the Jeu de Paume, a prewar museum in Paris that was operated by the ERR during the war.


The painting resurfaced in November , when a Chilean art dealer dubbed the 'Consignor' attempted to auction it. When the painting arrived in New York from Chile, it was determined that it did in fact belong to the Schloss collection and had been looted some seven decades before. When the Consignor was informed, she said her father had purchased the painting from Walter Andreas Hofer in Munich in In , after being tried in absentia by a French military tribunal for his role in art plundering during the war, Hofer was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Restitution 'puts the spotlight on all the looting and Jewish disappearances,' said Michel Vernay, a retired engineer. Theft and looting is an integral part of the process of genocide, said Vernay, whose mother lost half her family at the Auschwitz death camp. Laurent Vernay described every restitution as a small victory but added: 'One painting is not as important as any single life that was taken,' he said.

The brothers are convinced that the return of antisemitism is not a passing phenomenon. The artwork is an inheritance that is shared with more than 20 people, he said. Even though, there are paintings still missing out of the in the Schloss collection, the brothers have no plans to search for them. Both Michel Vernay and Eliane Demartini deplored the way that French museums have dragged their feet when it comes to returning Nazi-looted artwork. Restitution 'puts the spotlight on all the looting and Jewish disappearances,' said Michel Vernay pictured , a retired engineer.

In the United States 'there is a real procedure and a pride to be able to restore these works,' Michel said, while in France such restitutions have been done in a haphazard way. French museums, including the Louvre, limit themselves to displaying recovered artwork under the label 'MNR' for 'National Museums - Recovered' until the descendants recognize the pieces and step forward to claim them. Le Drian, the foreign minister, reminded them that the French government committed themselves last year to 'accelerate and intensify the work of identifying and returning to their owners' looted works of art.

ERR records and photographs of art and cultural artifacts looted by the Nazis are digitized and available in an online database created by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, and this database includes a photograph of the painting taken by the ERR during the Second World War. I shall not trouble my sleep over it. Eddard: You were not there. There was no honor in that conquest. Your brother Rhaegar was the last dragon, and he died on the Trident. Viserys is less than the shadow of a snake. Rubies flew like drops of blood from the chest of a dying prince, and he sank to his knees in the water and with his last breath murmured a woman's name.

Daenerys: Ser Jorah named Rhaegar the last dragon once. He had to have been a peerless warrior to be called that, surely? Arstan: Your Grace, the Prince of Dragonstone was a most puissant warrior, but Daenerys: Go on. You may speak freely to me. Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably.

And Rhaegar died. Daenerys: You make him sound so sour. Arstan: Not sour, no, but Daenerys: Say it. A sense? Daenerys: One day you must tell me all. The good and the bad. There is some good to be said of my father , surely? Barristan: There is, your Grace. Of him, and those who came before him. Your grandfather Jaehaerys and his brother , their father Aegon , your mother Him most of all.

Had any man ever been so beautiful? He was more than a man, though. His blood was the blood of old Valyria , the blood of dragons and gods. Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna and thousands died for it. Jump to: navigation , search. See also: Images of Rhaegar Targaryen. Main article: Tourney at Harrenhal. Main article: Robert's Rebellion.

Elia: Will you make a song for him? Rhaegar: He has a song. He is the prince that was promised , and his is the song of ice and fire. There must be one more. The dragon has three heads. Robert: The Others take your honor! What did any Targaryen ever know of honor? Go down into your crypt and ask Lyanna about the dragon's honor! Arstan: As you command. A warrior without peer Arstan: But I am not certain it was in Rhaegar to be happy. He was born in grief , my queen, and that shadow hung over him all his days. Daenerys: I wish I could have known him. Hidden category: Pages with the race parameter.

Silver prince [1] The dragon prince [2] The last dragon [3] The prince that was promised [4]. Prince of Dragonstone Ser. Kaladin falls asleep during the highstorm and dreams he is the storm and speaks to the Stormfather about Syl. The Stormfather says that Kaladin will betray and kill Syl and that he is already beginning to do so. As they speak, a second larger storm with red lightning appears and the Stormfather says he is sorry and that He comes.

Kaladin wakes up as Adolin and Renarin are discussing the upcoming meeting with the Parshendi envoy. Kaladin goes to the balcony to check on the weather but only sees the diminishing of the winds as the highstorm passes. Syl tells Kaladin something is wrong and that the One who Hates is coming, and that something bad is going to happen. Heeding Syl's warning, he goes into Dalinar's and Navani's small room to tell them they need to take the king and leave the palace and head into the warcamp. Kaladin explains that his instincts sense danger and Dalinar agrees to trust his senses and leave the palace despite Elhokar's dissent.

Kaladin sends Beld and Hobber to scout their way out and leaves Moash and Ralinor to guard their rear while Mart and Eth stay with the king. As they flee through the palace, they find a dark hallway where the spheres were drained of light and a hole cut into the palace through the rock wall. Szeth appears, stormlight leaking from his body. Dalinar orders Renarin to take the king and flee. Dalinar, Adolin and Kaladin stay to fight Szeth, Dalinar and Kaladin armed with spears and Adolin with his shardblade.

The three rush Szeth but he eludes them using a lashing, then binds Adolin to the ceiling. Kaladin and Dalinar both stab Szeth with their spears, but he chops the weapons in half with his blade and smacks down Dalinar as he heals using stormlight. Adolin falls to the ground when the lashing runs out, and he stays down. Kaladin uses his spear like a quarterstaff and with Syl flying around him attacks Szeth, hitting him a few times and forcing him to draw in more stormlight. Szeth is able to dodge a strike and stab Kaladin through his arm with the shardblade, causing it to go numb and lifeless, and Kaladin then is kicked into a wall, and slumps in frustration as Szeth goes to chase down his prey.

Syl tells Kaladin that Szeth is not a radiant but something worse and pleads for Kaladin to get up. Dalinar confronts Szeth and says he won't let the king die but Szeth says he is there to kill Dalinar instead. Dalinar catches the shardblade as Szeth swings it at him for a killing blow, and Kaladin arrives and knocks both himself and Szeth through the hole in the wall into open air.

As Szeth and Kaladin plunge toward the ground, Szeth starts glowing more brightly and Kaladin uses Szeth's gemstones to draw in some stormlight before he loses his grip on the assassin. Kaladin lands hard but the stormlight quickly heals him, though his right arm is still grey and lifeless although he has some slight sense of feeling in his arm. Szeth is shocked at Kaladin's survival and thinks that he accidentally lashed Kaladin to slow his fall. As Szeth pauses in confusion, Kaladin uses his stormlight to bring his right arm back to life, and Szeth cries out in surprise. Szeth jumps back in shock and asks what Kaladin is and Kaladin replies that he is a windrunner, the same as Szeth.

But Szeth denies this, angrily shouting that he was named Truthless, and asks if the Radiants are all back. Kaladin says yes and Szeth flees. Kaladin collapses in exhaustion. Kaladin wakes up with Syl hovering nearby and expresses surprise at his ability to heal the shardblade wound, which Syl did not expect either. Syl tells him there are dead at the battle scene and goes with Kaladin back inside the palace. Kaladin tracks down the king's entourage. Dalinar is shocked at Kaladin's survival and Kaladin says that he held onto Szeth as they fell and somehow lived due to Szeth's abilities, which the others believe.

Kaladin wants to tell Dalinar about his abilities but not Adolin or Elhokar so he says nothing. Kaladin says that Szeth escaped and that he saw a light in the darkness which earns a glance from Syl though it wasn't a complete lie. Elhokar says that Szeth came for him and no one corrects him on his mistake. Kaladin leaves to do something and tells the others to stay there.

Adolin ponders the strangeness of Kaladin apparently healing from a shardblade wound and surviving a great fall but dismisses his suspicions as paranoia. Elhokar goes to get more wine and they find a series of glyphs carved into the wood and Renarin says that in thirty-eight days, it will be the end of all nations. Kaladin finds Beld's corpse and laments that he failed the bridgeman, but Syl says that he died protecting and that was Beld's choice. Kaladin asks about how skilled the assassin was and if Kaladin has more words to speak, but Syl says that though there are more words, he is not ready yet to speak them.

Kaladin asks how the assassin could have found a spren to bond and yet still slaughter without honor and compares that to his killing of Parshendi, and Syl says the two situations are totally different since Kaladin is protecting, and that Szeth's shardblade is somehow different and that he uses the wrong amount of stormlight. Kaladin finds Hobber still alive, but with both legs disabled, and says he will stay with Bridge Four as a cook, and brings him back to get medical attention.

Shallan reads a dispatch on Tyn's spanreed about the political situation in Jah Keved and dwells on the consequences for her family if there is a succession war. Tyn asks if Shallan personally knows any of the important players for the Veden throne but Shallan says she wasn't important enough. Tyn says they might want to go to Jah Keved to take advantage of the chaos once they are done in the Shattered Plains.

The spanreed report continues with information about the deserters and reward bounties from their former leader, Sadeas. Shallan is angered that Tyn wants to turn them in and says that she promised them amnesty but Tyn scoffs at this and says that a con artist can't afford to believe their own lies and that Shallan has no chance to get Sadeas to forgive the deserters.

Shallan is upset at this and worries that she will soon get caught up between the truth and Tyn's misguided notions over who Shallan really is. Tyn continues reading the spanreed and gleefully announces that there is good news and Shallan reads the printout about Jasnah being dead and the Wind's Pleasure being lost with all hands. Tyn confirms that this was her job to the south.

The spanreed also mentions about Jasnah taking a new ward, a girl named Shallan. Tyn reacts immediately, slamming Shallan to the ground and asking if Jasnah somehow survived. Shallan says no. Pattern distracts Tyn briefly but it is not enough for Shallan to break free. Tyn draws her sword to kill Shallan, but Shallan uses stormlight to create an illusion to distract Tyn long enough for her to summon her shardblade and kill her. Vathah, Gaz and the other deserters appear at the tent, saying they heard a voice telling them to help Shallan, then heard Shallan's screams and fought their way through Tyn's soldiers to help Shallan.

Vathah sees the shardblade and says that Shallan could have killed all the bandits on her own. Shallan tells them the voice they heard was her spren, Tyn was an assassin, and they are to search Tyn's tent for any documents for Shallan to read. Shallan watches as the spanreed continues to write that Tyn's employers, who happen to be the Ghostbloods, want to hire her for another job and inquires if she would like to have a meeting arranged in the warcamps.

Shallan realizes that the city the Ghostbloods are investigating is Urithiru, and replies yes. As a highstorm approaches the city of Narak, Thude reports to Eshonai that they have a meeting in seven days with the Alethi and that he didn't see either Dalinar or the Surgebinder when he arranged the meeting. Eshonai attunes Resolve and brings her captive spren into the highstorm to transform. Eshonai stands in the storm, with a shield braced against a rock to protect her from the winds, to face the Stormfather head on rather than sheltering in rocks.

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  2. LarryBoy and the Emperor of Envy (Big Idea Books / LarryBoy)!
  3. Naberius Heir.
  4. George Washingtons Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior: ...And Other Important Writings?

The wind blows her shield away leaving her exposed, though she is able to hold onto some rocks to keep from being blown away. The eye of the storm reaches her and the Stormfather asks if this is really what she wants. The red spren breaks free from its crystal and shoots out red lightning. Eshonai has a bad premonition and says no and tries to elude the spren, but it hits her in the chest shooting out red tendrils. The Stormfather says that this was inevitable, he cannot protect Eshonai, and he is sorry. Eshonai begins to transform.

Zahel wakes up suddenly, as his life sense alerts him that someone is approaching. He opens the door, feeling the aftermath of the highstorm, as Kaladin is about to knock. Zahel comments on how bad Kaladin looks, and Kaladin explains that he just stopped an assassination attempt on Elhokar a couple of hours previously. Kaladin asks if Zahel's offer to train him is still open and Zahel says no and to come back and ask again at a more reasonable hour and to have a good attitude. Zahel goes back to sleep missing the voice that he used to hear in his head years ago. Bordin speaks to Elhokar and Dalinar of his journey with Wit to transport a seeming madman to the Shattered Plains, as the madman listens on and thinks of various torments that he has undergone.

The madman identifies himself as Talenel'Elin, Herald of War, and speaks of the desolations wiping out past knowledge and of the other Heralds helping to prepare the world for the Time of the Return and Desolation, though his audience can barely understand him since he is speaking inaudibly with a northern Alethi accent. Bordin says the madman just dropped his shardblade and that his eyes were always dark. Bordin suggests sending the madman to the ardents to take care of him. The madman comments that the coming days will be difficult but humanity will survive, and that he must be brought to their leaders.

Dalinar says he has a use for the shardblade and needs Bordin's assistance as well. The madman comments that he thinks he is late this time and asks himself how long had it been. Eshonai returns after the highstorm to Narak to a large crowd who were curious about her transformation. Eshonai feels energetic, and sees tiny red lightning bolts when she flexes her fist, and has lost her bulky warform in favor of small ridges in her skin. She is able to leap a chasm by crouching and throwing herself into the air, with less effort than warform required.

Venli confronts her, saying her eyes are red which is something referenced in the songs but Eshonai cuts her off, saying that with the Stormform that she can move in the highstorm unimpeded and that she can feel a storm building beyond the rhythms, a highstorm that they can guide to use against their enemies.

Eshonai addresses the crowd, saying that she saw the betrayal in the Storm Rider's eyes, and that he intends to help humans against the Parshendi, but that they can now fight back using this new form, and the crowd hums to Awe in appreciation. Eshonai glories in the praise but a voice inside her screams in horror. Adolin paces about on a plateau, wearing his shardplate, dwelling on the assassination attempt the prior evening.

Adolin tries to practice throwing his shardblade but loses focus often since he did not get any sleep because he was guarding his fathers quarters throughout the night. Adolin thinks that his three bridgemen guards are useless, but reflects that Kaladin was unusually effective in protecting Dalinar, though he is also very unlikable and strange.

Adolin succeeds in throwing his shardblade, and returns to the warcamp with his bodyguards, and notices a procession of soulcasters that usually aren't seen during daytime. Adolin converses with the main ardent soulcaster Kadash and learns that their services are in high demand and that they have to increase their training and work shifts. Adolin watches as a group of soulcasters working behind a silk screen for concealment use their fabrials in concert to create a stone windbreak.

Heirs welcome return of Nazi-looted 17th century...

Adolin questions Kadash about the old Radiants and Kadash answers noncomittally at first until Adolin expresses that he needs information urgently due to the fact that the assassin had Radiant-like abilities and Kadash then agrees to do research for Adolin. Navani stands on an observation platform in the engineering grounds and supervises an experiment to use a fabrial to cause a platform to be raised into the air.

After extensive preparations and careful implementation, their attempt to cause a round wooden parapet to float in the air without support succeeds. Adolin joins Navani and they talk in private, with Navani explaining in technical terms how she arranged fabrials in tandem to act like levers to produce the desired results. Adolin realizes the military application for this, but Navani says there are more practical applications than raising archers in a battlefield.

Adolin confronts Navani over her relationship with Dalinar and the awkward position that his father is in regarding violating social customs that he lectures other highprinces about following, but she scoffs at those traditions, and tells Adolin that he is free of his betrothal for the time being due to Jasnah's disappearance.

Adolin and Navani leave for a meeting with Dalinar and Elhokar. Pattern opens a lock on one of Tyn's trunks for Shallan and she examines the contents, finding clothing and spheres among other useful items. Vathah reports to Shallan that he has burned all the bodies of Tyn and her guards, and she says that she will deal with the skeletons to avoid uncomfortable questions.

Macob sends a servant to retrieve a palanquin for Shallan, then goes his own way. As Shallan enters the warcamp, accompanied by Vathah and his deserter guards, and her slaves, she frets over her betrothal and plans to continue Jasnah's research. She learns that Dalinar is in conference with Elhokar, and orders her palanquin to be brought to the meeting. As she travels to the palace, she draws a sketch of herself confidently confronting Dalinar to try to boost her own morale. At the palace, Shallan enters with Vathah and Gaz as attendants.

They reach the conference room at the top of the palace, and Kaladin spots her, and asks her if Adolin is betrothed to a Horneater princess and she replies that she was trying to travel incognito. Kaladin has Gaz seized, and says that Shallan is an impostor since Adolin's real betrothed was lost at sea, but Shallan gives a spanreed printout to Kaladin to have Navani authenticate her claims.

Shallan becomes upset at Kaladin's lack of accommodation and they have a heated argument. Kaladin stalks away angry, but Shallan feels that the disturbance will lead to the desired result of her receiving an audience with Dalinar. Gaz mentions that Kaladin was a slave in the lumberyards recently and is very dangerous. Kaladin enters the chamber with the paper, and returns after a short time, summoning Shallan to enter. During a break two hours after the meeting started, Adolin ponders on the lack of consensus on how to deal with the threat that Szeth poses to the kingdom and how dangerous he is even with the number of shardbearers that are available to protect Elhokar and Dalinar, based on the reports of Szeth's other attacks.

Adolin drinks some wine and taunts Relis over his boasts about wanting to duel Szeth to try to bait him into a duel. Adolin then directly challenges Relis but Relis says that Adolin has to rise in the rankings according to protocol before he can fight Adolin. Relis declines despite Adolin offering to wager five shards against one, but Elit accepts a duel for the same proceeds. Relis is upset that Elit accepted the duel and tries to taunt Adolin to a violent comeback and possible voiding of the duel agreement but Adolin restrains himself.

Sadeas taunts Adolin more effectively, causing Adolin to come near to punching him before he is restrained by Amaram who counsels him to ignore Sadeas. Adolin tells Amaram to abandon Sadeas for Dalinar but he refuses and says that he is able to keep the kingdom from falling apart further by bridging the gap between Sadeas and Dalinar.

Adolin's mind wanders as Amaram speaks about how Sadeas' and Dalinars goals are the same despite the different means they use, and he sees Shallan and is drawn to her immediately. Amaram comments on his flightiness and need to settle down and comments that the girl is probably from Jah Keved, and Adolin realizes who she is and goes over to meet her, as she speaks with Dalinar and Navani about Jasnah being lost at sea.

Shallan offers her condolences on Jasnah's loss to Dalinar and Navani, reflecting on her own grief but using her sketch to project strength and suppress her emotions, and Dalinar thanks her. Shallan mentions that she also brought some of Jasnah's belongings and has information on Jasnah's research, which Navani scoffs at.

Shallan notices Adolin looking at her and feels some attraction toward him. Shallan gives a detailed account of the attack on the Wind's Pleasure at Navani's demand, and Navani berates Shallan for saying she set the ship on fire despite Jasnah's apparently already fatal wound but Dalinar defends Shallan's action and Navani apologizes and leaves.

Shallan tells Dalinar an abbreviated version of her journey via caravan from the Frostlands to the warcamps and about being rescued by deserters to whom she pledged clemency in reward for their service, and Dalinar promises pardons from the king for them. Shallan then brings up the betrothal and Adolin joins them, smiling. Shallan and Adolin flirt awkwardly and Adolin offers to maintain the betrothal, but Dalinar asks Adolin to get some wine so he can talk privately with Shallan.

Dalinar inquires about Shallan's family and her interest in Adolin, and she explains the situation as Jasnah described it to her. Dalinar allows the betrothal to stand temporarily based on Jasnah's implied endorsement of Shallan pending further developments, and offers her a position as a clerk, but Shallan declines so as to not be too dependent on the Kholins.

Their discussion is abruptly interrupted by Highprince Sebarial who gets Dalinar to return to the conference table to resume the meeting. Shallan mentally notes the attendees of the meeting, realizing that there are three primary factions with Elhokar and Dalinar opposing Sadeas, Ruthar and Aladar, and Hatham leading a group of mediators, and Sebarial as an outsider excluded from the factions. Shallan dissects the meaning behind the arguments until she is drawn into the discussion. Shallan says that she has little knowledge about the events in Jah Keved since she wasn't there at the time of the assassination and that she is there as Jasnah's ward and has personal business, and Aladar realizes she is Adolin's betrothed.

Several highprinces want to get her own testimony about events in her home country but she doesn't want to be used, so she lies and says that she took a job to work for her supposed distant relative Sebarial and he plays along with her ploy. Shallan speaks privately with Sebarial, saying that their arrangement will be mutually beneficial.

Dalinar disrupts the discussion and says that the war is failing and that they will change their strategy to either make peace with the Parshendi or march in full force and wipe them out. Hatham expresses disdain and Sadeas insults Dalinar, which upsets and provokes Adolin momentarily. Dalinar mentions the Parshendi envoy who offered an olive branch right before the assassination attempt and wonders at the coincidence and if the Parshendi are still controlling Szeth as they claimed to have when Gavilar was killed. Dalinar outlines his plans to scout the plains and outfit a major expedition to the center of the plains and choose and train new shardbearers to use the armor and weapons that he thinks Adolin will win through duels, then brings the meeting to a close.

Sebarial leaves and Shallan says she will meet him, and goes to speak to Elhokar personally about his sister. She then brings a writ of pardon to Vathah, which amazes him, and tells him that they all have a place to stay. Shallan's father is having a feast, trying to pretend that their family hasn't grown impoverished. The guests are Brightlord Tavinar and his wife and daughter. They don't seem like they want to be there, and conversation is terse and stunted. Eventually, Shallan's father calls for a toast and announces that he has found a new wife, Malise Gevelmar , who will be coming to the estate soon.

The response is subdued, which makes him angry, but he gives celebratory gifts to his children anyway. The boys receive fine daggers, and Shallan gets a silver necklace. The door to the feast hall slams open, and a man walks in. The man is Redin , bastard son of Highprince Valam , and he has come to investigate rumors about Shallan's mother's death. Lin says that his wife was murdered by her lover, but Redin says that others tell a different story. They speak alone for a while, and Lin eventually slams his hand down on the table in anger.

Calmly, Redin stands up and announces that any lighteyes of high birth can provide witness, and asks if any of the children will come with him to do so. Balat grabs the sides of his chair as if to stand, but seeing Lin's face stops and whispers that his father will kill him. Shamespren stir among the children, then Redin states that if any of them remember something they want to tell, they will find willing ears.

After Redin leaves, Shallan's father shrinks down in his seat with his head in is hands. Sebarial and Shallan return to his warcamp after the meeting. Sebarial explains that he profits from manufacturing and farming and selling his goods to the other highprinces, greatly offsetting his fines for not participating in gemhunts.

They arrive at Sebarial's manor and Shallan is introduced to Palona, his mistress. Palona helps Shallan settle into her living quarters. Kaladin gives orders for Teft to train bridge seventeen in the chasms. There are thirty-seven days remaining before the mysterious glyph countdown reaches zero. Syl asks Kaladin what his goal is now that his bridgemen are relatively safe.

Kaladin says he wants to beat Szeth but Syl scoffs at Kaladin's explanation that he is trying to protect Dalinar. Kaladin encounters Sigzil who is speculating with Rock and Lopen about Szeth's motivations and true employer as he was trained by his master to ask questions. Kaladin tries to duplicate Szeth's feat of walking on walls but fails. Sigzil wishes he could see Syl and she appears to him. Kaladin asks both Syl and Sigzil about Windrunners so he can be better prepared to battle Szeth but neither is able to give any information. Sigzil, Rock and Lopen discuss the attempt to make Elhokar fall off his balcony but Kaladin ignores them and suddenly has an insight and a vision of another world that allows him to walk on the wall of the chasm.

Kaladin tells Syl that he protects Dalinar so that he can know if Dalinar lives up this reputation as being honorable, and Syl says that honor lives in people and spren like her. Kaladin says that if he trusts Dalinar that he will share the knowledge of his abilities with him. Kaladin says that he will kill Amaram for his betrayal. Kaladin falls from the chasm wall and lands in the chasm with stormlight aided strength.

Kaladin explains his theory about the shardbearer slicing the balcony after the highstorm. Kaladin notices gouges from where a chasmfiend passed and is concerned that it will be dangerous to train here. Kaladin and the others return to their barracks and find a tense dinner gathering. Renarin asks to join bridge four to become a warrior like Dalinar and Adolin and to be glorified in the Tranquiline Halls. Renarin eventually persuades Kaladin to allow him to provisionally join bridge four as a new recruit, and shows a good attitude even when given menial tasks to do.

Moash expresses doubt but Kaladin says that Renarin is different from most lighteyes and could fit in with them. Kaladin ponders how to confront Moash over suspicion of him helping to assassinate Elhokar. Moash advises Kaladin to try to get a duel against Amaram to deliver his own justice. Moash and a few bridgemen leave to go drinking and invite Kaladin but he declines and stays to eat dinner. Shallan wakes up in her new quarters in the evening. Shallan and Pattern converse and Shallan teaches her spren some figures of speech.

Shallan opens her trunk and finds the spanreed blinking an alert light, and sets it up to receive messages. Pattern points out a code that he detects in the messages. Shallan frets that she will not be able to infiltrate the Ghostbloods, but then uses her sketching ability and lightweaving to create an illusionary disguise for herself.

Shallan receives a message on the spanreed that indicates the Ghostbloods want to meet with Tyn that evening, but Shallan says that she is not well and that she will send an apprentice in her Tyn's place. The intermediary eventually replies that the Ghostbloods will meet the apprentice and gives a map and time for the meeting.

Shallan wears Tyn's clothing, Bluth's hat, and a darkeyes disguise and leaves to go to the rendezvous. Shallan walks to the meeting using her map as a guide. Shallan tells Pattern to follow her and try to see if anyone tries to trail her and Pattern reports that no one is tailing her. She reaches the destination which is a tenement building and is admitted by a Horneater guard. The guard points her to a staircase leading down and she finds another room with a trapdoor and takes a ladder down further and ends up in a carpeted trophy room with several people.

One of the people reminds her of Hoid. The man points a blow gun past her and shoots a dart at a target behind her. The man questions Tyn's story and Shallan revises it, saying that Tyn wants to work through an intermediary for now. The man praises Shallan's boldness and tries to bribe Shallan into revealing where Tyn is hiding, but Shallan declines, and calls his bluff of torturing her successfully. The man says he revised his plan to kill Shallan and track down Tyn, and that he is satisfied at Tyn's partial success but unhappy that Tyn didn't show up in person.

Five other people including a masked woman are present. Shallan takes a moment to examine the shelves of mementos. The man, who identifies himself as Mraize, says his next target is Amaram. Mraize says that Tyn is to learn Amaram's secrets from his manor and bring information the following week. Shallan aka Veil accepts the assignment and doesn't haggle over the payment and is dismissed. After Shallan leaves the building, Pattern warns her that the masked woman is tailing her. She draws a sketch and creates an illusionary wall to hide from her pursuer.

Shallan's disguise vanishes as her stormlight runs out and she ditches her coat and hat and returns to the manor, feeling excited over her adventure. Shallan makes plans to investigate Amaram and interact with Adolin. Kaladin arrives at the lighteyes training grounds and asks Zahel to train him and Moash, Teft and Yake.

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  • Zahel plays a game where he throws rocks into a circle and tells Kaladin to do laps around the grounds, but then tells him to stay as it was only a test. Zahel gives instruction to Renarin, then brings one of the king's shardblades for the bridgemen to practice with. Zahel tells them he got permission from Dalinar and Elhokar for them to learn sword stances to better counter Szeth's attacks. Zahel says there is nothing holy about the sword and that he is not a very good ardent. Moash, Teft and Yake practice with the shardblade but Kaladin declines since he has bad memories of friends being killed by them.

    Kaladin tells Zahel to swing the blade at him without a guard so that he can have practice facing one. Syl thanks Kaladin for not using the blade. As Kaladin is dodging Zahel's swings, he meets Adolin who gives him a nod of respect. Ivis takes Zahel's place and trains the bridgemen on the ten Shardblade stances. After the practice, Kaladin gets some water and glances around the training grounds, and spots Shallan.

    Yake says she is good looking but Kaladin retorts that she is lighteyed. Teft says they should keep an eye on Shallan as a possible assassin and Kaladin agrees. Kaladin goes to talk to Shallan and Adolin joins him, saying she is probably there to ogle him and that she can't stay as it would set a bad precedent.

    Shallan goes to speak to Nall and doesn't even notice Adolin. Shallan asks permission to sketch the Shardplate and Shardblades for the royal record and receives it from Nall. Adolin says he thinks Shallan is there to watch him, but Shallan says that Adolin is egotistic for thinking that, and she tells Kaladin she returned his boots slightly modified, and that she still wants to take a walk with Adolin. Shallan abruptly leaves them to watch Renarin and Zahel, and Adolin grins and says that Shallan is insufferable for ignoring him and he then walks away.

    Kaladin rejoins Moash and the others but watches Adolin, Renarin and Shallan. Moash says that Elhokar had his family executed and explains how it happened and that another lighteyes was also involved. Kaladin asks if Moash cut the balcony railing and Moash says they can't speak there since it is too open. Moash doesn't deny it and Kaladin grows agitated and threatens to turn Moash in but is convinced not to as long as Moash stops trying to kill the king. Moash says others are involved and asks Kaladin to meet them and he agrees to.

    Susan Rieger - The Heirs - Hardcover

    Syl says they should go to Dalinar and that she senses danger but Kaladin says that he wants to find out more first. Kaladin practices with the Shardblade and ignores laughter and frowns from some lighteyes, thinking he was actually worthy for defeating that shardbearer, and on how Alethi society is hypocritical on its treatment of darkeyes. Kaladin asks Syl for advice on who is right to kill and who isn't and Syl says it depends if he is killing to protect or not.

    Kaladin asks to learn the lastclap maneuver from Zahel but he says it won't be useful to learn, and the swordmaster is happy that Kaladin accepts his explanation. Shallan and her family are attending the Middlefest Fair on her father's estates, which draws people from hamlets and villages all around. A Thaylen merchant has a colorful show chicken , Jeksonofnone , on display, and Shallan thinks it bizarre. She follows her father to their box at the dueling arena, where they are soon approached by Brightlord Revilar.

    Revilar tries to force her father into an unfavorable business deal, noting his popularity with Highprince Valam and House Davar's declining status. Eventually her father bows his head and they send Shallan away. She is excited to see the fair unchaperoned but forces herself to do work first. After finding Eylita Tavinar , who gives her a note, she sets off to find brother Balat. While searching she thinks of her mother and her mind goes blank. Jix , one of her house's guards, eventually finds her and agrees to accompany her.

    Balat is at the Axehound fights in the gambling pavilion, watching intensely, fixated on the animals killing each other. Shallan gives him the note, and he's surprised and excited by the meeting she's arranged. After he leaves, Shallan sits on a rock, relieved to be out of the pavilion and happy she was able to help Balat, even in a small way. When she returns to her father's box, he's in a meeting with a man she doesn't recognize. The man, dressed in black, seems startled when he sees Shallan and almost drops his glass.

    Malise tells her that the man claims to have brought word from her brother Helaran. When asked what news the man brought, her father commands her not to speak Helaran's name and declares him disinherited.

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    Shallan leaves and seeks out their carriage. Wikim is within, depressed and despondent. He asks whether their father sent her, or whether she came on "one of her new little missions of mercy". He tells her that she can't fix their family, and that he won't be around to see their collapse because he'll be dead by then.

    Feeling like a fool, she gives him the gift she had prepared, a set of math problems, then hastens away from the carriage fighting back tears. Sitting on a rock and trying to compose herself, the messenger in black starts talking with her. The man, unbeknownst to Shallan, is Wit. He tells her that the message sent by Helaran to her father is that he "has eyes nearby, and is watching.

    She tells him that of course they don't and that she should be returning to her father. Wit tells Shallan that Helaran was right, her father is destroying their family, but wrong about everything else. He points out that Wikim is engrossed in the math problems that she had given him. He asks her to tell him the most beautiful thing she can imagine, and she describes a scene with her family happily living in together. As she talks, Wit pulls out some spheres and wisps of Stormlight hang in the air between them.

    When she notices, she draws back and the light fades. Wit tells her that she will need to understand the nature of lies and see truth before she can expand upon it. Kaladin reviews bridge seventeen and tells Pitt how impressed he is, which is a lie but spoken to motivate.

    He then checks on bridge eighteen where there are problems with cohesion. Kaladin gives them a motivational speech and decides to split them up if their morale doesn't improve. As Kaladin goes to check on bridge nineteen, Sylphrena chides him on working instead of eating dinner. She tells Kaladin that she sees red spren sometimes and Kaladin thinks there is a connection to the countdown which points to the Weeping. Kaladin relents and goes to his barracks for dinner stew.

    Kaladin scoffs in disbelief that more of Lopen's cousin's joined bridge four. Kaladin finds Shen and gives him a spear and tells him that he will be permitted to train and Shen praises Kaladin, and starts to tell him something else but is interrupted by Moash, who tells Kaladin to join them going out. As they walk through the warcamp, they hear rumors of war in Jah Keved and a new emperor in Azir, and Sigzil pays the crier for more information. Moash picks a tavern called the Ornery Chull for them to visit, and Peet concurs.

    The bridgemen order drinks and Rock speaks of his homeland and how the Horneaters ended up living in the mountains with the help of the gods. Rock says the hot springs are not just regular water, but rather a connection to the gods and a place to view the place of the gods.

    Rock tells the bridgemen that there are certain details that he cannot divulge since they are complicated, such as the reason why he can see spren, and also tells them to stop making incorrect assumptions about the story. Rock says he met a god named Lunu'anaki from the hot springs who cannot hurt people, and Sigzil is startled by his physical description.

    HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1  FlashBack HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1 FlashBack
    HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1  FlashBack HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1 FlashBack
    HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1  FlashBack HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1 FlashBack
    HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1  FlashBack HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1 FlashBack
    HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1  FlashBack HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1 FlashBack
    HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1  FlashBack HEIRS OF HONOR, Chapter 1 FlashBack

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