FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity

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Inside a new roadmap of core skills to drive vision and leadership in the industry.

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Not all mid-career professionals need or desire expertise in all four areas — many will find their talents best suited in one or two. However, awareness of the full spectrum can identify strengths on which to double down and gaps that may lead a marketer to seek more support from others on their team. For example, there are brand managers who are incredible at building out brand identity and communicating the value to consumers.

They are clearly Level 2 marketers specializing in brand, even though they use acquisition and retention strategies to execute on their objectives. Similarly, there are search engine marketing managers Level 2 marketers in acquisition who are tremendously effective at finding new customers, and CRM managers Level 2 marketers in retention who specialize in engaging and delighting existing customers.

Finally, new roles have emerged that are as much data professional as marketer, and as such we see Level 2 marketers in analytics.

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Skills across these Level 2 applications, paired with strong vision and judgement, will prepare individuals to become marketing leaders. For team members who seek leadership roles, Level 3 contains the bundle of additional skills needed to be successful marketing directors, vice presidents, senior vice presidents, and, ultimately, chief marketing officers. While having Level 3 skills does not make a leader, a leader typically possesses all of the Level 3 skills. At the leadership level, overall domain expertise and communication becomes as important as setting the vision and strategy for the marketing team.

Because these roles require problem-solving across the specialties of marketing, from customer experience to tech and data, successful Level 3s have often covered more than one Level 2 during their careers. We formed the Marketing Standards Board six months ago to provide clarity into marketing careers for individuals, teams, and business partners.

Our goal is for this career framework to be a valuable tool for:. To put this theory into action, we are going to use this framework within our organizations to:. If you could benefit from these same actions, we encourage you to join us in using the framework for similar purposes in your own organizations.

Our industry needs to use a common language around marketing, and that language extends beyond our board. If you have feedback on how this could be useful for you, let us know at credentials ga. By coalescing on what it takes to succeed in marketing careers, we can begin to solve some of the big talent challenges facing the profession and better prepare the next generation of leaders.

We look forward to working together to make this a reality. We also provide onboarding and hiring strategies to solve talent gaps within your organization, and host exclusive events led by industry leaders.

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To learn more about our marketing assessments and trends in the field, download our exclusive white paper, The State of Skills: Digital Marketing Sign in. Get started. About General Assembly. Building Marketing Leaders of the Future. Inside a new roadmap of core skills to drive vision and leadership in the industry.

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General Assembly Follow. This creates several human capital challenges: Lack of leadership development: Narrow skill sets are not suited to leadership roles in marketing, which increasingly require synthesis across channels and touchpoints. Lack of career guidance: To grow beyond narrow domains, marketers need clear guidance on what skills they should develop and what career options become available as a result.

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Lack of clarity in hiring: Without clarity around the essential marketing skills or how to assess for them, recruiters can only guess at who might be a high-potential candidate. And without clear expectations, new hires are not set up for success. What Makes a Marketer? Marketing is comprised of four major functions, each with a distinct goal: 1. Brand marketers are responsible for brand strategy, brand communications, and working across the organization to create a holistic customer experience.

Sample job titles: VP of global brand, director of integrated marketing, brand manager 2. Acquisition marketers are responsible for acquiring customers within a given budget.

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They run campaigns and think strategically to improve performance. Sample job titles: Director of search engine marketing, lead generation specialist 3. Retention and loyalty marketers are responsible for engaging customers. They deeply understand the consumer journey and work to maximize customer lifetime value. Sample job titles: Manager of CRM, director of brand activation 4. Marketing analysts are responsible for analyzing increasingly large volumes of data to derive insight that informs business decisions.

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A Career Framework for Marketing With the four functions of marketing in mind, we have drafted a framework that captures our collective thinking about the career paths and associated skills required in marketing today. Level 1: Foundation To begin a career in marketing, individuals need the bundle of skills in Level 1, from understanding customer insight to marketing technology. Level 2: Application Mid-Level Level 2 is for mid-career professionals and includes the four key functions we identified above.

Some enterprises employ more contractors than full-timers, yet, this liquidworkforce is woefully misunderstood—and… twitter. A glimpse into me Why did you choose your profession?

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I was lucky enough in my 20's to have gained clarity about what I wanted the legacy of my career to be. When I looked at what I loved most and where I added the most value, it was in helping people make their lives better through their work. The world would be a better place if we all had work we found fulfilling and allowed us to thrive.

Aristotle had it right when he said " Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, therein lies your vocation. What is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace today? We are each accountable for managing our employ-ability. We each have the capacity to be sustainably employed if we just know how. It's my mission to share that knowledge. The key for the conversation is knowing where you want to go or what's next in your career based on the realities of the marketplace. The answer to the question: "What do you want to do? To Watch. Sharing my thoughts Month Career Management Checklist If you're not actively managing your own career, no one else is doing it for you.

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FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity
FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity
FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity
FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity
FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity

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