Clever Tips For New Home Owners

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Paying for a home in full upfront guarantees no matter what the temperament of the real estate market or the economy is, the home is all yours. There is a level of comfort in that realization. Remember, paying with cash eliminates lender fees and interest, but you will still have ongoing expenses after they hand the keys over, such as homeowner's insurance , property taxes and homeowners association fees if applicable.

As you are shopping around for your new home, keep those monthly expenses in mind, and be sure you can afford the monthly payments. Certain areas may be prone to both higher property taxes and steeper insurance premiums. You don't want to put yourself in a bind by risking it all on missed property taxes or having no insurance coverage because of skipped premium payments. Home buyers paying with cash are ideal customers for both real estate agents and homesellers.

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Your biggest superpower is eliminating both the seller and real estate agent's concerns that you may put an offer on the house to have the financing fall through, which makes you even more appealing over other buyers who need to finance. You also come to the table with less baggage, no time spent gathering paperwork or waiting on lenders for closing.

The appeal of a "no-hassle," faster closing may give you the potential to win even with a lower bid. Make sure to include closing costs when pricing homes. There is no way around paying for certain fees associated with buying a home. Closing fees include title transfers, inspections, appraisals, processing, and real estate agent fees. When putting an offer in on your dream home, you will have to prove you have the required funds in hand.

Generally, your financial institution can provide proof of this with a letter or in some situations a bank statement will work. Before sinking all of your money into one purchase, there are a few disadvantages to consider.

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If you are putting all of your hard-earned savings into buying a new home, ask yourself "If an emergency comes up, will I have the funds needed? Instead, consider putting a significant amount towards the down payment. This will lower your monthly mortgage payments but will give you a sizeable cash reserve if something major were to pop up. If you are mulling over if paying cash for a new home is the best option for you, consider partnering with a local, knowledgeable real estate agent.

An experienced agent can guide you along the home buying journey to the best purchasing decision by using their extensive market insight, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.

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Clever Partner Agents can help you find and vet prospective properties, as well as draw up the paperwork, offer letters and negotiate with homesellers on your behalf. When you buy a home with cash that returns on the purchase price can be used for insurance payments or back into your savings. Learn how you could save thousands when you buy a home with Clever!

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By: Andrew Schmeerbauch July 11, Buy your next home with confidence! Enter your zip code to see if Clever has a partner agent in your area. Real Estate Blog. Discount Real Estate Agent Locations. Average Real Estate Commission. This is powerful social proof that could be a deal-breaker or among sellers, buyers, and referring agents who decide to work with you. Farming on Instagram looks a little different than farming with postcard mailers — In this case, the heroes in your Instagram stories should be the locals, not your listings.

To farm on Instagram, feature and tag local businesses, hangouts, events, activities, and more! Instagram is a place for real estate agents to get referrals. This usually comes in two ways: First, if your past clients are following you, this is a great way to stay top of mind. Just be sure that your Instagram brand comes across as friendly, professional, and memorable.

If you host weekly happy hours, networking events, or any other gatherings on a consistent basis, promote them on Instagram! Have a photographer and videographer capture your best moments, then break this footage up into several photos and film clips. Finally, add a caption and a call to action that invites everyone out to your next event! This includes your traffic, clicks, charts, and graphs! Where are you located? What is your real estate niche? What are you best known for? Write a brief bio that says how you help people and how to contact you. Call me to list your home.

Instead, craft a profile that focuses on them — your audience. Thinking of buying or selling? Call or text me anytime! No one is going to feel a deep personal connection to an old listing photo or business logo. People want to work with those that they know, like, trust and remember.

19 Tips to Save New Homeowners Money!

It will give people a glimpse of who you really are as a person. This may sound crazy, but my traffic and opt-ins tripled across all of my social platforms when I finally picked a color palette and stuck to it. The reason is that people started seeing my photos all over the internet and recognizing my brand. I regularly have people who tell me that they clicked on my Instagram photo ONLY because they saw similar photos constantly in their news feed and wondered who I was. So likewise, pick your colors, fonts, photos, and camera filters — then stick to it.

Use the same branding over and over again. Eventually, people will start to recognize you in their newsfeeds as they scroll. Remember, Instagram is all about the story. Some of the top accounts only post certain colors in certain orders. There are blogs dedicated solely to Instagram filters and styling. Use professional photography whenever possible. So create beautiful images — Ideally, square images that are branded with your colors, fonts, and filters.

To do this on a computer, you can use a tool like Canva. It comes with tons of professionally designed Instagram templates already installed. And I also recommend scheduling out all of your pillar content in advance. The best way to do this is to use a tool like Later. This way, you only have to post randomly when you feel like it! Think of your real estate Instagram content as you would your blog content. Your blog probably has a list of categories — things that you write about on a regular basis, which are all tied to your overarching niche.

If your farm is located in Los Angeles, would you blog about Minneapolis? Probably not. Definitely not. Or if your business is selling luxury homes, would you give the homeowner a credit repair guide? I hope not. So all of your photos should be something that your ideal client would be interested in and searching for.

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Showcase your team vibe. This includes meetings, parties, open houses, dinners, outings. You should also snap behind the scenes footage of your team photo shoots too, so people can see the personalities of the agents behind the headshots. People love seeing real estate sales in action.

Tips and tricks for first home buyers

If you want to build a following fast, give the people what they want! If HGTV can make millions doing it, so can you! This gives people a sneak peak in anticipation of listings to come. People are nosey by nature and feel special when they are the first to know a juicy piece of information! So snap pictures of the photographers shooting pictures, drones taking aerial shots of the backyard, and stagers adding final touches in preparation for your upcoming listing.

Give people a reason to know, like, trust, and remember you. It humanizes you and shows people how multi-faceted and interesting you are. You can do this easily by taking a few quick photos of your life as it happens.

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Your favorite photos of hobbies, dinners, adventures, and furry friends should definitely be in your photo queue! The best way to promote a new listing on a real estate Instagram is to post a series of photos that invoke a strong theme. Because stories sell! If your new listing is located in the lap of luxury, post photos that feature the most luxurious aspects of the home — The crystal chandelier, the Maseratis in the driveway, the master bathroom that puts most spas to shame should all be in the mix. Instagram Stories is perfect for real estate agents because it allows you to link all of your listing photos together and show it as one cohesive stream to promote your listings and events.

It even lets you draw on the photos or place markers so that you can highlight all your favorite features of the home.

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Always, always, always tag the location of your listings. People can also search by their current location or landmark, so its important for you to include all appropriate cities, zip codes, schools, districts, and addresses! Do a video walk-through of the home before the open house and point out its key features.

Clever Tips For New Home Owners Clever Tips For New Home Owners
Clever Tips For New Home Owners Clever Tips For New Home Owners
Clever Tips For New Home Owners Clever Tips For New Home Owners
Clever Tips For New Home Owners Clever Tips For New Home Owners
Clever Tips For New Home Owners Clever Tips For New Home Owners
Clever Tips For New Home Owners Clever Tips For New Home Owners

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